Active speakers CAN love tubes

After proselytizing the strengths of matching SS pre-amplification with active speakers as the only virtuous choice, I’m made a fool.  I sent my de Havilland Mercury 3 to Kara replete with 2 quarts of premium Vermont maple syrup and a healthy check to perform the ultimate upgrade surgery:  The new V cap teflon copper series, which after 100 hrs. break-in have completely transformed the piece.  Another 400hrs. and I’m there.

The Mercury 3 is already a very credible design, but the upgrade has lifted far past its original parameters.  Now it is completely without congestion and bass boom.  It is fast, really fast.  Imaging opened, attack is like SS while retaining the tube textures we crave.  The ATCs are a harsh mistress, but when everything is right, it is really right.

Addendum:  Kara has exited the business after 25 years and essentially closed shop, so my intent is NOT to encourage this kind of business.