AC power cords and martin Logans

Will a AC power cord make a difference in performance over the stock cords that come with the speakers? Has anyone tried this and what were the results?
Do a search under Martin Logan there are allot of threads on this topic. In fact I started this same thread years ago.

You will find plenty of info on this. Just do a search.
Doubt it. If it would, why wouldn't Martin Logan include the better cord? Seems like they would have the biggest interest of anyone in their speakers sounding the best possible, even a bigger interest than the individual consumer. Martin Logan's are not inexpensive speakers, the cost of a better power cord would not add that much to the cost of the speakers. Why not call Martin Logan and ask them their opinion since they manufactured the speakers ?
PC's usually but not always make a difference. Will it be a good, bad, or no difference? I'd contact Martin Logan or a Martin Logan dealer.
Martin Logan said you don't need them. It made no real difference. But all companys say things like that about their products.
I definitely agree with the post that said ML stated that you do not need them on the electrostat-based speakers.

I have ML Odysseys and I have tried both Analysis Plus and Signal Cable Magic Power cords on them with no real audible difference with either. Both of these power cords did make a difference on my Martin Logan subs.
Owning ML for 7years.

Dedicated line, upgrated power outlets (PS but any will do the job), Kimber Kable 10 all made the difference. YMMV.

I have Innersound ESL's and upgrading the stock PC to Shunyatas made a very nice difference in top end extension and resolution.