845 Tubes

The Grant Fidelity website lists Psvane & Treasure "special edition" 845s , they have larger bottles and black coating. Has anyone tried either of these and can offer impressions? Also, they are now carrying 845s by prior Psvane personnel manufacturing under the brand Linlai. Has anyone had any experience with the brand - sound, reliability, etc?
I recently purchased the Psvane Acme Supreme series 845 tubes from Grant Fidelity. They replaced Shuguang Nature series 845 tubes . The Nature series were much better than a couple of other Shuguang 845 tubes I had used. The Psvane’s are easily the best sounding 845 tubes I have installed in my amps. They have a very detailed but relaxed sound with a very wide and deep soundstage. They aren’t cheap but they are worth every penny.
I cannot comment on the Linlai but it takes years of experience to make a good vacuum tube and unless they hired a lot of workers from their competitors I would be a little leery of the quality even though Grant Fidelity is a first class outfit who stand behind their products.
I need two matched pairs of 300B tubes for my amps and I will be purchasing the Psvane Acme Supremes from Grant Fidelity even though I could save a few hundred bucks purchasing the Linlai.
Thanks. According to the GF website the Linlai tubes are made by Psvane "defectors"
I also can second the Psvane 845s. I have used the Psvane WE845s and upgraded to the ACME 845s..great tubes and great people to work with. Rachel is great.
@facten  yes but the defectors might only be the principals not the people who make the tubes. My wife made very exotic vacuum tubes for the military and it took her years to learn her craft. Believe it or not our military still uses vacuum tubes.