6L6 and 807 in place of KT88?

I have a pair of Melody M880 KT88 Monoblock. Can I use 6L6 or 807 type tubes with adapter? How they going to sound? Thanks for input.

You are taking a chance with that type of replacement. The KT88 has different bias points as well as different filament requirements. See links below to compare:



Also, when a tube is not biased properly - it is not happy. Therefore, it most likely will not be imporessive as it is not being utilized properly. One last thought - different tubes work best with certain input and driver tubes.
Studio is on point. The particular tube characteristics were used in designing the amp circuit. If it was not designed to accept other power tube families you risk damaging the amp, destroying tubes and/or having crappy sound with substitutes.

Perhaps a 'goner with a better grasp of tube topology can describe the reasons.

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