6 or 7 channel amp help-Cary Cinema 7 or ???

I can get the Cary for $1600 but want more suggestions...
My pre is a Sherbourn 7010/A, Speakers are Soliloquy.
I don't need a lot of power, space is the biggest concern. I don't have the room nor can my cabinet handle the Sherbourn 7 channel amp's weight.
If space were not a concern, I would have 3 Pass Labs 30 watt stereo amps to give you an idea of my taste.
Any ideas of $1750 or less used, 6 channel min, over 120 watts is a waste with warm, rich sound. Yes, I listen to Jazz SACD's & DVD/A's plus have my Sota table running through this system as well as theater.
The only must is a 12volt trigger!
Thanks for the advice.