1K used, full range and decent looking

Hi all,

I've been trying out various monitors and sub combos for a graduation gift system and concluded I'd like to go with a couple of full range speakers for simplicity's sake.

I was looking at either the Trangle Celius 202 or NHT 2.9 for (hopefully) under 1K used. While I'd be all for it, I'm thinking the nht's might be a bit too large. Do you have any other suggestions in this range - or better yet have you heard anything that was significantly better than these? (probably amping w/ SS)

Thanks for the replies, very helpful. Let me complicate this even more....

Using a Dared mp-5 as a source (15 wpc) am I going to get away without a sub? (not anticipating playing organ recording on this of course) Compressing the dac and amp into one like this would help with the bottom line. Otherwise I'm stuck with getting either a reciever or some really cheap SS and a zhaolu for the price of the dared (~350).
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Thanks Tvad, just read a arro review, and yeah, you're definitly right. Some bookshelves I just sold had a related peerless drive, quite impressive for the size.

One more potential choice for anyone who's finding this useful - Energy RC50 - on sale @ amsound2.com. Floorstanding cousins of the rc10 that just got a really good review.
I have KLIPSCH speakers in like-new condition and original boxes for less than 1K. They are (2) RF-15 Floorstanding and (2) RS-25 Surround. Original cost for the four was 1K. They would ship from Denver, Colorado USA.