1954 Meissner Amp and Tuner

I have a Meissner 9-1160 amp and matching AM-FM tuner that were passed to me from an estate.  They look absolutely perfect to me, but I'd rather not flip them on, and just sell them.  They have all their tubes, knobs, original transformers, etc.

Does anyone have information that might help me sell them?  Should I risk it and turn them on?


I wouldn’t turn them on. List them on eBay as an auction. Use “vintage amplifiers and tube amps” category, and set the opening bid low (<$50).



Ok, it’s up on eBay now.  It’s worth a look, just for how clean it is for a 1953.

 Again, any information that I can pass on to lookers, buyers, tire kickers, etc would be appreciated.