1950's Vintage Teac R2R Question

I was recently given a project. The three pieces include a preamp, R2R and ?? not sure
what the 3rd section does. I have pictures but I do not see a way to post them here.
All I really know is that I am told the motors"work" but as to heads etc, assume the worst.

My question is- If restored should this piece be capable of producing excellent sound?

Who does this kind of work? In the Phoenix area.

How good it sounds will depend almost entirely on the level of refurbishment you want and can afford. Some of these "vintage" decks were very good. But still just like everything else you are smart to take each one on a case by case basis. Especially since such a huge part of the appeal is appearance. Some of that old gear just plain looks hot! I still have my Pioneer tuner, nearing 50 years old now, haven't used in years but can't bear to lose it, it just looks too damn good!

Hopefully you get the point. These things are kinda personal. If its all about SQ you could do better. If it really is a project though then search around, there's much better sites than this for specialized RTR info.