$100-200 linear power supply

Trying to remove the digital glare from my Fosi Audio TDA7498E amp. Would changing to a linear power supply do the trick? Speakers are similar to Devore O/baby and Micr/O and listen at 70-80dB max.

Open to any suggestions. Would any of these be suitable?


25W 12V Regulated Linear Power Supply

I like this because it uses FRED’s but only 2 amps at 12VDC.


5A Output Regulated Voltage Linear Power Supply 50VA Transformer


Finished 50W Ultra-low Noise Linear Power Supply


I’ve successfully used Acopian power supplies. It’s powering my FireTV cube, it has enough reserves I could power another device. They are designed primarily for scientific devices. Very quiet, clean. Far better than wall worts. 

Pick up an Astron RS12A 12V  power supply off E-Bay for well under $100 including shipping. Over 10 amps of current, American made, built to last for many decades. They sound fantastic, and better than many "audiophile grade" power supplies I have tried priced in the $400-$800 range. You won't regret it. 

I will also use a linear power supply ...

but i will ad this :

Put a thin  plate of shungite with a copper tape  on the Fosi and/or  on the linear supply ... Add a piece of quartz if it compress the sound a bit too much...

it is my homemade creation...

I dont buy tweaks but make my own ... 😊


If you don't buy the size LPS that is specified by the amp maker you are wasting money.  In your case that's 24 volts and 4.5 amps.  Only one of the three you linked met that standard.