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What's up with TMR Audio?
Bought a HoloAudio Kitsune DAC on Monday.  Received it PP 3-day priority shipping on Friday (Dec. 13th) in Puerto Rico.  No fuss, no muss!  Excellent communications.  This was the second time buying from TMR and there was excellent communications ... 
Amazon just killed Tidal
I received this notice from Bluesound........Bluesound users in select regions can subscribe to Amazon Music’s all-new lossless streaming tiers, Amazon Music HD and Ultra HD....Now available in the US, UK, Germany and Japan, you can learn how to a... 
optical connector
I might have such a connector that was removed from my own Altis.  I'll need to look for it though.  Send me your email.   zepolrotciv@yahoo.com 
Upgrading an old digital audio system to bluetooth wireless?
I added Audioengine B1 Premium Bluetooth® Music Receiver to my system. Its connected to my dac via TOS.  Then my dac's output goes to the preamp/receiver/processor.  I use my ipod, ipad, and PC as the wireless source.  Check this linkhttp://audioe... 
Thoughts on the Rogers EHF-100?
In June, I was at Stereo Exchange for a demo of the Devore Fidelity line of speakers and this was the amp driving the Silverbacks. Holy moly! I was concentrating on the music and the speakers, so an amp was not what I was looking for. However if y... 
Repairing/refurbishing Wilson PuppyII Speakers
Tbloom, try Millersound Labs, 1422 Taylor Road, Lansdale, PA 19446, Phone 215-412-7700. Yeah, I know it’s a haul. I noticed that the foam around the 4 woofers on my Puppy 2s were separating. CSA Audio in Montclair NJ sent the Puppys to their exper... 
any info on repair of an ead t7000 transport?
http://www.nobleelectronics.net/Check out this link. They upgraded my t1000 for me. Great work 
How Do I Find A Customs Broker?
Novice trying to design a system for a loft
Quontoc,I did a search in the discussions link and it returned 57 hits.enjoy...........http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr_srch.pl?&1&procsrch&3&4& 
What is bias a tube amp ? Is it difficult?
In the back of my mind when I purchased my tube amp, I too, dreaded having to bias my VTL ST-150. But I wanted tubes and like anything else, I knew I'd eventually learn how to. I had the bias instructions and I bought a decent multimeter at Radio ... 
Wilson Watt 5 with Puppy 2, will this work?
Vhuang,Its the exact speaker combination that I have, Watt5/ Puppy2. I bought the puppy paws from Wilson and only recently realized that, like RPW, I had to invert the speaker Cables (MIT M3). I have the VTL ST-150 tube amp and VTL TL-2.5 pre. The... 
Turntables New vs Used
I'll probably pickup a used TT before the year's end and your post will definately help. I noticed that you didn't mention the Linn line. Was this ommision on purpose? 
How many audiophiles to screw in a light bulb?
Three delivery companies who claim the bulbs would be screwable if you had just used enough peanuts. 
Would Audiogoners be interested in this?
My suggestioh is to link Audiogon with a site that already does what is asked in this thread. Why duplicate the wheel. Audiogon can benefit by sending internet traffic to the linked site and vice versa.