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Connectivity for Gustard U18?
I connect my iMac to the Gustard with a USB cable and then from the Gustard to my DAC I use an AES/EBU connection.  I have explored no other connections.   
Best DAC’S $5k to $15k
"high end kit" I meant to write.  
Best DAC’S $5k to $15k
My pal with his end kit prefers his Holo May KTE DAC to his combo Chord Dave and M-Scaler, the latter of which he sold and is extremely happy with the upgrade.  Don Sachs is ecstatic with the sound of his Lampizator DAC, as close as you can get to... 
Connectivity for Gustard U18?
Thanks for the response.  It is indeed a plug and play device.  I am very happy with its effect on the SQ of my system.    
300b lovers
Once and always, Charles sets the bar for thoughtful and positive responses to topics on this forum, which in 10 months regarding this thread, have always been very upbeat and positive.  When we are treated to a master class in tube design philoso... 
300b lovers
Alexberger, You are sure right about that.  I have Don Sachs new preamp and his shoebox 300b monos and swapped out my Cube Audio Jazzon speakers for a pair of updated AR 2ax speakers and they sound extremely musical.  A great front end yields ben... 
JBL K2 S9900 vs Klipsch Heritage Jubilee Horn Speakers.
I heard the Jubilees at the sole high end audio store in Sacramento and my jaw dropped, sublime sounding speakers.  At ~$35K for a pair, they are a veritable bargain for their SQ.    
Can DDC of another brand be used on Denafrips Dac?Audio GD etc
A further thought.  My audio pal just got the Berkeley DDC unit and I will be keen to compare how my $500 device compares to his $2500 unit.  I imagine all these DDC devices have a high degree of efficacy.   
Can DDC of another brand be used on Denafrips Dac?Audio GD etc
Gents, Thanks for the responses.  The I2S connection that the La Voce has is compatible with other Aqua gear, but not with many others.  I connected the U18 via an AES EBU cord and I can say that it is plug and play with my iMac as the source.  ... 
Female spade crimp connectors for AR 2ax speakers source?
Actually, I am looking for the female connectors from the wire to the tabs on the drivers and I guess the proper crimping tool.  At any rate, thanks for the suggestion.   
Ordered a Willsenton R300
This is curious.  I am a Prime member and have never had a problem with a return.  Sorry to hear of your experience.    
***Seasons Greetings A'goners***Are You Getting Any New Gear For Christmas***
Yep, I am getting Don Sachs new preamp to pair with his 300b monos, financed by the sale of my Dynaudio C1 Signatures.  Hint, hint.   
Outrigger Availability / Suggestions for Spendor A7
I can't connect to their website today.  
Is There Just One Single Album That Does It For You, Completely? Just One.
Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" and Stan Getz "Captain Marvel"  
Has anyboyd used this amp, your thoughts on it
I am very happy with my Willsenton 300b integrated amp, with a headphone Jack and 8 wpc.  It cost $1500.  As good as it is, I will upgrade the caps when it comes off warranty.  Even stock, it is a dandy amp, with a fit and finish that belies its m...