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Speaker Slip Covers
@allenf1963 -I hear you about your cats. Congrats for rescuing them. I bet they are a hoot playing together. I bought these for my speakers.  David https://www.alcocovers.com/product/outdoor-custom-made-outdoor-speaker-covers/    
Bob James
How about this one?    
Recommended Listening
The Who performed "Young Man Blues", on Live at Leeds.    
Looking for comparisons between CD transports
@jtcf -Did you purchase a replacement CD Pro laser assembly? They are no longer being made, and that's the part of an excellent CD transport that will poop-out over time. David  
Recommended Listening
@scottya118 -Yes! "Everyone is cryin' mercy..."  
Looking for comparisons between CD transports
@cooper52 - The CXC does not have an AES/EBU output, so that sounds like a non-starter. I may have overlooked that in your previous posts. FWIW, I had the Urd during trial period because it had AES/EBU output, along with a USB-C input, and I lik... 
Looking for comparisons between CD transports
@cooper52 - I had the Urd for a short time. It was just ok. Nice sounding BUT, skimps on detail/resolution. I think that will be noticed with your DAC. At your price point, what are your thoughts about the Cambridge CD transport? David  
Bob Weir: "George Jones is my favorite musician."
Fun thread about terrific music! What do you all think of The Louvin Brothers?    
Review: Audio Research Ref-3 Tube preamp
@cafedienanh2013 - Wouldn't do it because the KT-120 can damage the power regulator.  
Surge protector
A very useful/informative thread. I'm sorry that the OP had to endure the power surge, to make this thread happen. Am wondering if anyone knows/has tried one of these? David https://www.brickwall.com/products/eight-outlet-audio-surge-protecto... 
Ethernet cable for music streaming
@cooper52 - I am going to second the recommendations you have gotten from audphile1 and soix. I'll add one more -- have you looked into Network Acoustics ethernet filters?  David https://www.networkacoustics.com/product-category/ethernet-filt... 
Insurance for system
Has anyone tried getting insurance from a company that insures musical instruments?   
A great video on an artist you may not be aware of. Participants include Elvis Costello.
I forgot to include Guy Clark!    
A great video on an artist you may not be aware of. Participants include Elvis Costello.
@bdp24 - Terrific video! Thank you for sharing. In my view, he's one of a handful of excellent musicians who are respected but not famous. There are others like him-Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Townes Van Zandt (RIP), Buddy and Julie Miller come to mind.... 
Andrew Singer Of "Sound by Singer" passed away yesterday
Sorry to hear of his passing. He could be as acerbic as he was opinionated, but he knew high-end audio. Sound by Singer was my introduction to the joys of this hobby. RIP.