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Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
The Time Jumpers. “Jumping’ Time” Live at the Station Inn. 
A system for my college-bound daughter
I enjoyed all the responses and it made me recall I my 1971 college dorm system, hand me downs from my dad mostly....Sherwood S-8000 IV receiver (tubes)Dual 1009, probably a Shure M44 cartElectro-Voice bookshelves bought new on a close out for les... 
What are you streaming tonight?
So far this afternoon Tommy Emmanuel’s ‘Accomplice One.’And today we remember Karen Carpenter.   The Carpenters’ ‘Horizon’ album is next up.  I think it was her best vocal effort. 
Suggestions for New CD Player
I bought a Yamaha CD-S1000 last year.  The ‘Yammie’ is well built, the tray that holds the CD is substantial.  Analog and optical digital out.  Plays SACD.  I bought it to be my last investment in CD technology and I’m very pleased.  It’s around $... 
Perfect Pop Songs
Motown was the epitome of great pop songs. Especially pop songs with amazing intros. Two that come to mind are ‘Love Child’ by the Supremes and ‘Tears of a Clown’ By Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.I think a great pop song has a certain balls-to-... 
Does Age Matter?
I’m 69.  I’m still involved with pro level audio production and editing.I like both A and D  My favorite creative advertising work was done with a Harrison audio console and a Studer multi-track.  Fond memories.What I can do with digital audio edi... 
Easily the best and most significant sonic tweak one could ever make!
Hearing aid user since 2007.  Third set, Oticon OPN-1 which was their top of the line 3 years ago.  Bluetooth, all the bells and whistles plus custom molds.  The Oticon have tinnitus compensation which does offset that annoying ‘whistle’ but doesn... 
What are you streaming tonight?
Classic Jazz Piano.  The Monk Palo Alto concert, then on to Bill Evans and now listening to one of my all time favorites, Ramsey Lewis’ 60’s live albums.  Streaming via Qobuz. 
Who are your three favorite female singers?
Top 3 overall:Karen CarpenterLinda RonstadtRosemary ClooneyOthers I like:For pure bombast - Dame Shirley BasseySomeone really unknown today - Mindy CarsonLocal girl - Mandy Barnett 70’s soul - Gladys Knight 
What's your profession? Age?
I’m 68 and started out as a child.  In 1956 my dad built a Knight-Kit mono amp and a speaker cabinet from Electro-Voice Aristocrat plans which housed a University 6201 co-axial speaker (I still have the plans, I wish the speaker still existed). In... 
XLR cable with warmth without losing resolution
Use what recording studios use...Belden, Canare,  Mogami.  An astute studio owner has enough to deal with without having to buy 1K per meter balanced cable. 
Sexy singer(s) and/or song(s)
Natalia LaFourcade, Musas CD’s.  Second Shelby Lynne, especially her Dusty Springfield tribute CD.  Shirley Bassey, bombastic excellence.  Wanna get vintage?  Ida James with the Erskine Hawkins Band, ‘Knock !e A Kiss.’  It’s on u-toob. 
Should people with no turntable or reel to reel be considered audiophiles?
I’m a retired audio production engineer.  My hearing went south years ago.  I do wear decent hearing aids.  That said I enjoy the music.  For me that’s what it’s all about.  And I still like the knobs and dials aspect of audiophile-com.  A simple ... 
Best debut album
Chicago Transit Authority. 
Anyone with tinnitus or hearing loss who is into "high-end" audio?
I have worn hearing aids since 2007.  I retired from a long career as an audio production engineer in 2016.  I noticed hearing issues around 2004 or so but I was dealing with a much more serious medical issue at that time.  By 2007 it became appar...