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Klipsch Chorus or Cornwall II
If you can find Klipsch KLF-30's or 20's, which should both be in your price range, they are considered the best rock n roll speakers Klipsch every made.I have Chorus II's and KLF-20's. Very similar in specifications and I would definitely say the... 
tutube or not tutube
Udo - You’re complicating things way too much. For example, I bought a used tube preamp (Tube Technology Seer) a couple of years ago. I’ve never replaced the pair of 12ax7’s it has in it. Even if I needed to, it’s pretty simple and straight forwar... 
Do aftermerket crossovers improve sound?
The simple and straight forward answer is yes. Speaker manufacturers neglect the internals of speakers when they are trying to keep costs down. They know the 90% of people aren't even going to look inside.Even if you just replaced the critical par... 
Any suggestions on Tube Buffers?
You should aslo check out the Decware Zbox tube output buffer from Decware. 
Alternatives to Klipsch Forte II
Since you have a smaller room, you should then consider the Forte I and Chorus I, which are both front-ported. You might also consider the KLF-10, as it has a smaller footprint.Ther Heresy is a solid recommendation as well. 
Alternatives to Klipsch Forte II
Also put on your short list:Chorus II (bigger brother to the Forte II)KLF-20 or 30RF-7Any of these will give you plenty of bass. 
cable recommendations
I think that silver cables are a nice match with systems with tubes. I've personally found that silver in my systems have brought out the best synergy with my tube components. 
Cable Elevators - What do you use?
I use beer/soda cuzzi's. They made no difference in the sound. No money lost though. I personally think some of these tweaks go a little too far. Or maybe my system isn't at the quality level to realize such tweaks. 
Why power cable effect overall syste sound?
Grant,I applaud you joining and participating in this thread. I find your comments extremely helpful and wish that there was more participation from industry to help clear the air for your (manufacturer) point of view.I have no affiliation with, n... 
Big vintage speakers klipsch kg line
Klipsch forums are the best source for anything Klipsch. It's fairly easy to upgrade the xovers. If you don't want to do it or can't there are a few of us who do it. 
help with speakers that rock, pleeze
Get yourself a pair of Klipsch KLF-20's or even better 30's and enjoy your rock with a smile. 
the oppo 83 special edition as a transport
Thank you Tvad for exposing this guy as a person who lacks credibility. Additionally, as a person who claims to be a reviewer, Mrtennis is asking some real ignorant questions. 
Power Cable DIY - need advice
Check with Lee at Cryo Parts. 
Best USB DAC under $1000
Another option is the Super Pro 707 DAC. I would recommend doing the modification to it to to bypass all passive components that act like filters and buffers by coming directly off the DAC chip.This little DAC (the size of a cigarette pack) with t... 
Recommendations for a small tube amplifier?
Get yourself a JWN tube amp. There's one on the bay right now. Easily the best small tube amp you can buy. Jim Nichols makes some great little tube amps and backs them up with great service if it should ever be needed.I bought an amp of his, never...