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Half-Speed Masters - are they worth double dipping?
Amy Winehouse-back to black. I had it in standard and it sounded terrible. I got the half-speed master from Abbey Road and wow, incredible. I then got the half-speed of Frank and AB to regular, it was far better at half-speed.   
I want to put my experience on the record. Just like nearly everyone said, JL Audio has serious quality control issues. I bought two brand new Fathom F112v2 subs. Setup included measurements, miniDSP, professionally installed, etc. Already had 2 s... 
What if a high end speaker measures really badly?
Measure it with your ear. Next problem……  
Focal v Wilson
You need to use your own ears to determine this. For example, we used REW and all these sophisticated measurements to make a pair of subs sound much worse than when I did it with my ears.    I have Wilson SabrinaX and had planned to buy Bowers 80... 
Sound Quality
I’ve come full circle here and returned to CDs for digital and use Tidal for discovery or if I just want convenience. CD in a high end transport sounds superior to me. That includes DSD which I have also streamed through my DAC. I’m no expert but... 
Looking for comparisons between CD transports
I recently bought a McIntosh MCT500. It is extremely good and AB to streaming Tidal shows clear superiority of sound. It was expensive but I prefer physical media for quality etc and my CDs have never sounded better.   
Would I benefit with Roon?
FWIW, I use a modern very powerful MacBook Pro and hardwire it directly to a McIntosh DA2 dac to stream Tidal. AB testing with CD, to me, really proved CD as superior digitally. I’m not sure what happens to data as it moves through servers, lines,... 
B&W 805 D4, stands
I have those stands. They look great but very cheap paint. A small bolt fell onto it when screwing into the speaker. It chipped the paint off and you can see it is micrometer thin.   
JL Audio Fathom
@rauliruegas appreciate the info! I do have to disagree as the MA8950 is amazing. I have heard a lot and tested these with a number of amps. I’m very satisfied and the McIntosh per WA drives it well.   
JL Audio Fathom
Lots of great discussion and valuable opinions. Honestly, I thought the ML’s just didn’t cost enough to be as good as the rest of my system. Acoustically, they sound great. I took measurements with a UMIK-1 and REW and I’m happy with the results. ... 
JL Audio Fathom
Well, decision time is near. I have the $$$ set aside. If not for new subs, I was going to get a McIntosh MT5 turntable. I currently have a a simple audio technica. If it was you, JL or MT5? Keep my day interesting haha.   
JL Audio Fathom
I'm surprised by all the servicing needs. For the price, I would expect more reliability.   
JL Audio Fathom
Thanks everyone for the valuable feedback. That’s good to know. I had heard the v2 was much improved over the problematic v1 as well.   
SabrinaX Sub-Crossover
For anyone who stumbles on this thread down the road, I crossed at 45Hz and paired with Transparent Audio-Super speaker cables. I tried Robin Hood Zero, Nordost Heimdall as well. The Transparent were the clear winners to my ear and like others hav... 
SabrinaX Sub-Crossover
I realize this thread has evolved into “help me make my system awesome” so last question. Do I go with Transparent Audio Plus or Super cables? It’s 2200$ for Super and 1100$ for plus.    thank you all again.