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Looking For Best Headphones
I am a headphone officianado and my system is all headphone. HIFIMAN SUSVARA  headphones AURIS HEADONIA  headphone amp EMM LABS DAC2X V2 Call me to discuss nine seven two seven six five eight  two seven nine    
I really wish I could give you an opinion on your questions. But Ihave no experience with Uptone audio. I also don't know if the EMMlabs  new galvanic isolation is the reason for the improved sound,allI know is the upgrade has made a substantial i... 
I am the guy who started this discussion and my response to gloryis I have tried several other high end DACS including the Bricasti SE,the Berkeley Audio Reference MK1 the MSB Analog and the LinnKlimax and IMHO it is the best of them more musical. 
If you decide to buy a used DAC 2X make sure it was manufacturedin 2016 or later as their were improvements made that you will need in order to do the Version 2 upgrade. 
Yes I am using the USB input with an Audience AU 24 SE dual leadcable. 
2017 ‘Keeper’ speakers under - $25K
How about Sonus FABER Elissa SE 
Help me choosing an Integrated Amp
I would recommend Musical Fidelity NU VISTA 800. Bought one 2 months ago and I am very impressed. System is:Sonus Faber Elissa SE speakersAntipodes Audio Dx music serverEMM LABS DAC 2X current edition DACAntipodes Audio CablingSound Anchors Equipm... 
Please Help!! looking to get into computer audio.
You might want to look at a used Antipodes Audio DS server they are spectacularand their customer service is incredible. 
The BEST system you've ever built !!!!
My best system is my present one1) Sonus Faber Elipsa SE speakers2) Veloce Saetta amplifiers battery powered3) Aurender N10 music server4) Berkeley Audio Reference DAC and Alpha USB converter5) WireWorld Platinum Starlight 7 USB and AES/EBU6) Card... 
Computer Audiophile Pocket Server -C.A.P.S. v2.0
I have a C.A.P.S. Carbon with a Paul Hynes power supply it is excellent. 
Anyone using Tyler Acoustics Pro Dynamics speakers
I have a pair of pd15's and they are exceptionally good more like live musicthan other speakers.The thing I like about them most is their dynamics. 
positioning of a horn speaker
Thanks for the info you were right about being out of phase 
Cullen ZP-80 Mod and D-Link 3 mod
I just had Rick Cullen do the ZP 90 mod and install a cardas AES/EBU cablerunning into a Wadia 521 dac with GNS reference mod and I am thrilled. 
Headroom ultra microdac, Benchmark Dac1 or other?
New thought Wadia is coming out with the I transport which reads the bitstreamof an IPOD only $399.00 
Best outdoor antenna???
I agree with the magnum dyna labs whip antenna have used one for years