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What selections do you play when showing off your system to others?
The ultimate demonstration disc by Chesky records. Rebecca Pidgeon's take of Spanish Harlem from this CD never ceases to amaze anyone i play it for.  
Why do so many sellers take offense to offers on their listings?
As Eric Idle says on Monty Python's The Life of Brian "ya got a haggle"  
Who has heard and can comment on any of these brands??
I have the classic 30 with the black glass around the cabnet. A wonderful sounding speaker. Bass drivers are inside the cabnet and fire downward through the bottom.Three feet out from front wall gives fast tight bass response.  
Isolation Springs Deal
I personaly wouldn't use a device like this to place under any audio equipment.What you have here is basically a shock absorber with all the damping fluid gone.This thing will continue to osculate long after any bump or floor vibration causes it t... 
What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?
Kinki studios EX p-7 SS.preamp. bought slightly used.About 200 hrs on it now.Sounds wonderful.Now i can listen to tube or SS.Very laid back sounding for a SS preamp,and dead quiet.  
What speakers have you mistakenly let go and then later repurchased?
Vienna acoustic Mozart grand. Bought used around 2008. Sold 2012. Really didn’t need to and regretted selling them. Found a nice pair in 2018. These speakers had the widest sound stage of any narrow baffle smaller floor standers I tried. 2-3feet o... 
Recommendations please!
The Cary is a great preamp. I have the F-1 version which is direct coupled, has audio one output caps,hexfreds Kimber kable wiring on the outputs.I can't say that it is better than the AA 3A.If you really like it,I would talk to bigkidz about his ... 
Ideal power cord lengths?
If you have high powered class A amps. And live in a tract home neighborhood, make them long enough to reach your neighbors side yard duplex. 😳  
Phono Preamplifier Redux .. Damn This is Getting Expensive
Welcome to the vinyl fun house.  
I think I just smoked my Amp
Measure a fuse for continuity. it either has it{working} or it doesn't{not working} Not sure about checking a fuse for Impedance.  
Which would you choose for good sounding tube preamp for an audiophile new to tubes.
Couldn’t edit because time but ment to say 800 ohms not 8000 ohms. Hi  
Which would you choose for good sounding tube preamp for an audiophile new to tubes.
Is a tubed preamp with an output imp.of 800ohms,a good match with a SS power amp input imp of 22k ohms.  
When a budget speaker is preferred to a high end one...
@ataudioamp. I don't own Wilsons.A 70hz. sine wave is about 14 feet long.If you have large dynamic drivers in a small room that can't be brought out in the room boundaries to minimize reflections, EQ is a band aid at most.What I'm saying is peopl... 
When a budget speaker is preferred to a high end one...
Sometimes i wonder that when buying speakers, we should leave our eyes at home and just bring our ears.The biggest mistake I've seen is too large a speaker for a given space to operate. A quality 2-way stand mount in a smaller room will almost alw... 
Best Sound Track Ever Vote for One
Dances with wolves. John Barry.