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1 song you never get sick of?
"Kick Start My Heart" - Motley Crue  
San Diego Audiophile group?
I’m in North County, Bonsall, and have met with Carlsbad2 (Jerry) several times. Good guy and good system. I’ve also met Peter of PBN several times and he’s one of the good guys in audio. Sorry im going to be out of town for the Audio Guild meetin... 
Thinking of trying the new Schiit Skoll to replace my Rega MCFono
I've heard the Rega MCfono and the Schiit (not Skol) Mani2 several times.  I used to own a Mani2.  I've never been impressed by either.  I built an RJM Audio Emerald MM/MC phono preamp and it destroyed both.  The only "budget" phonopreamp I've hea... 
DAC suggestions for a reasonably modest system
PS Audio DSD +1  I just upgraded from an SMSL SU-9 to a PSA DSD and it was a huge step up.  I found one used with the bridge for $1600.  
Ways to make your digital streaming sound better
@tomic601 Ha, Lou’s definitely never had fiber. I’m still in SD, just waaay north SD county. Peter of PBN suggested I join as well. I’ve just never looked into it as I travel a bunch for work. To keep on topic, I just started streaming using a PS... 
Ways to make your digital streaming sound better
@tomic601 Don't go to Solana Beach.  As someone from Encinitas I can tell you that those are some freaky folks!  
Tube preamp with Adcom amp
I've been using a BAT VK-3IX for several years with many different SS amps, from class A to class D, with great success.  I'm always amazed that BAT is rarely suggested in these types of posts.... Just be careful of impedance matching as others h... 
Focal Sopra 2’s vs. Legacy Focus SE’s
Congrats on the new speakers!  I've heard them at Peter's place and they sounded great. I use 2 of Peter's Liberty Audio amps and am very happy.  Like you said, PBN doesn't get the press of other manufacturers but his gear is top notch and he's o... 
Ultrasonic cleaning
Ultrasonic and then a Nitty Gritty for me.  Great results without having to wait for drying.  
Phono Stage: Cornet3 vs Eros 2 vs Parasound Hint6
If you want to DIY take a look at  The MM only VSPS killed the Schitt Mani 2 and Rega Fono MM.  I use the MM/MC Emerald with my own Rega based turntable with Origin Live arm and DL-103 w/ an elliptical stylus and it sounds great.  ... 
@loonytunz in my 20s I bought some "Turbo Thrusters" at a garage sale and used them in my garage for years.  Finally some mice got in and chewed everything up.  For $10 it was an easy throw away. good memories of hanging out in that garage with m... 
Balanced XLR vs RCA for phono stage
I've found that BAT gear sounds better using balanced connections myself.  Glad it worked out for you.  
Really Long XLR
This is what is used for ~30ft xlr cables  
What new gear have you just bought?
A pair of Liberty Audio B2B-100 amps that are new to me.  
Balanced/Differential tube preamplifier recommendation?
Have you considered a used BAT preamp.  I've been very happy with my VK-3IX, so much so I'm looking to move up the line.  And yes, it does have remote capability.  I bought mine used without a remote but found a Logitech Harmony works just fine.