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45rpm pressing of Fleetwood Mac Rumours
I'll have listen to my original to compare, but I played the 45 rpm last night.Overall, I think the new version is the one to have. There's no question that it's got much more bottom end going on. That being said, I think the improvements are much... 
Good CD for testing bass response
If you have Peter Gabriel's So, lying around, play "Don't Give Up".The last 30 seconds or so will especially test any speaker's low end to the limit. 
Amp for Vandersteens 2ce sig 2's
I think Plinius is a dandy combination with the 2Ce Signatures. Pretty much, I just enjoy the great sound and never worry about tweaking. 
Budget receiver/integrated amp for Cornwall III's?
If you can save $100 more, the Audio Refinement Complete is such a wonderful buy.Had one for years, and they drove my inefficient Vandersteens quite well. 
integrated upgrade from Plinius 8200?
Perhaps your speakers are the reason for not providing the sound you want?Also, do you have the 8200MKII or the earlier 8200 model? 
LP pressings from other countries?
Generally, the Korean stuff isn't all that great - though I actually used to own a Korean copy of Empire, strangely enough!The most dependable pressings are pretty much always from Japan. That doesn't mean it's necessarily the best-sounding pressi... 
Dynavector 20XH W/ Rega P5- Less Bass Than 10X5?
Well, from what I understand, it already had roughly 100 hours on it when I acquired it.That being said, I'm not sure how long it was sitting on a shelf (it's only about 3 years old), so perhaps it needs a "re-breaking in"?It does sound nice, abso... 
Integrated amplifier recommendations, Please
There's an Audio Refinement Complete integrated currently for sale at $450 right now - and its sound quality is certainly better than "middle of the road", that's for sure! 
What I learned on Audiogon This Year
Hmm...I found these to be truisms this year...1. More often than not, when you're involved in a transaction, the other party is a terrible communicator - as if they never even got your e-mails, etc. Then, they never even let you know if the stuff ... 
Are audiophile speakers turn on for single women?
Some middle-aged man out there will get a pair of Vandersteen Model 7's finished in Ferrari red paint.It'll be the equivalent of two mid-life crisis episodes in one single package. 
Is it okay to talk around your speakers?
How do you know they're not secretly recording every word you utter? 
Separate Insurance Policy - LP's, Memorabilia, Etc
Buconero - did Chubb require you to list every LP, CD, etc. that you own?!I pray they didn't...For the value of that collection, that certainly isn't a bad deal. 
Separate Insurance Policy - LP's, Memorabilia, Etc
My policy allows for "musical equipment" under the personal property section - so my guitars and (I assume) stereo equipment is covered.But LP's, posters, etc. fall under memorabilia or anything where age/history/collectibility makes it valuable.S... 
Great Music/Bad Vinyl - 2010 Edition
Xiekitchen, I'm fortunate to have some Thin Lizzy UK pressings as well.One I forgot about:King's X - Out Of The Silent Planet 
Great Music/Bad Vinyl - 2010 Edition
Here, some "metal" LP's that I think have great sound (of course I'm loosely using the term also):Extreme - III Sides To Every StoryMetallica - MetallicaHanoi Rocks - Two Steps From The MoveQueensryche - EmpireThin Lizzy - Jailbreak, Black RoseAC/...