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40+ watts SET, cost is not a problem
Ypsilon SET 100 ultimate     
Ethernet cables
Thank you very much for your time and your useful answers!  
Dartzeel w/Other Preamps.
j-wall  I bought them in 2010. In the third year the power ampl failed (one output was not audible). After multiple communications with Mr. Deletraz (very nice man), I sent the amp to Switzerland. Returned within a month. The fault had been fixed.... 
Dartzeel w/Other Preamps.
I also had the dart combo. Someday I replaced the NHB 18 with the MFA baby reference preamplifier. Never looked back. Don’t waste your money. IMO darts are extremely overrated. I sold them both.   
So, what's up with this, Audiogon?
Try to sell it in audiomarkt.de the best site to sell and buy!!!  
Choosing new cables
I used nordost valhalla, atlas assimi and crystal cable Dreamline as interconnects.  I tried the Gekko Cables and changed everything!!!  I only use Gekko Cables and nothing else as an interconnect!  I am planning to change the speaker and power ca... 
Absolute Sound's "Reviews"
They probably understood that people does not take seriously all these supposed reviewers, who always review with objectivity (lol), buying (lol), or borrowing the reviewed machine for a long time!!!!  
Looking at best option for 20-25k for DAC Streamer combo
Try to find used CH C1 dac. It is one of the best DACs ever made.   
At this level of high(er) end audio why not offer balanced connections?
@carlsbad : +++++  
Thank you very much!  
Streaming vs Physical Media
When I watch football match on tv, I use to listen streaming music from tidal or from my NAS. But when I want to LISTEN music, then only vinyl or cd (44,1khz from cec transport)!  
Time clock sync devices
@big_greg thank you for your answer. I recently bought a CEC transport (TL 2N) and I am planning to sync it to my dac (CH PRECISION C1), which can accept a clock sync board. I must admit that it sounds wonderfully as it is! I don’t know if it is w... 
Time clock sync devices
@lordmelton Thank you very much!  
Has Nordost forgotton who pays the bills?
They are only able to sell cables 20.000€/meter!!!! 
How important is the pre-amp?
First i owned Sonic Frontiers Line 1, then Burmester 011 and then the gorgeous Dartzeel NHB 18NS, until I finally tested the MFA Baby Reference Preamplifier!!! I bought it and the topic “preamplifier”, has finished for me for ever.  So simple.