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Wilson Benesch Torus hoop-up? Help
Put the red and black on right channel loudspeaker outputs, yellow on the hot output of the left hand speakers.The sound coming out of these sound is amazing, virtually no excursions but the added space and physicality of the performers are beyond... 
Pass or Spectral
Hi Sergio,I have 30SS and DMA 250 driving Marten loudspeakers, you should take a listen to the combination. I heard Indra side-by-side with Marten Bird's and I can tell you that Bird's were better match. 
New Sooloos start-up?
2 Duanea,I'm using PC with Lynx card and Berkeley, and I have Metronome CD5i Sig. Berkeley is better on 16/44 and on 24/88.2.96 or 24/176 it devastates any CDP in the world.2 MST excellent user interface and easy setup. 
weiss /Berkeley DAC
Music server sporting Lynx aes 16 card is the way to go, IMHO much better then cnovetional transport. 
Input on Spectral DMC 30SL
Your cheapest choice would be:Computer outputing AES/EBU digital into Berkeley Alpha DAC, Spectral DMC 30SL, and Spectral DMA 250. 
Weiss Dac2/Minerva?
I have both, BADA Alpha DAC and Weiss Minerva.I compared them both using AES/EBU out of Silent music server (that could be found on endpcnoise) using Lynx AES 16 into Spectral DMC30SS/DMA 250 with proprietary MIT350/770ULII cables. IC's between DA... 
Coldplay on Quad 988
Use B&O 
weiss /Berkeley DAC
Drubin, did you audition Alpha DAC direct or via preamp? Maybe your preamp is not so transparent?! 
Wavac 805
I have MD 805's and it can't drive low end has grainy highs and liquid midrange. Had over EUR 50k worth of cables trying to get it sound right. Speakers are 90db/4 ohm. 
wadia 781i vs dcs puccini
Maybe you should get Kubala-Sosna Emotion series of cables, you'll get excellent timbres and fantastic extremes. 
ARC 210's w/BAT VK52SE vs ASR Emitter Exclusive II
I had ASR Em II with battery PS, it was very liquid sounding amp with both extremes extension. Your Transporter will give the sound a tube edge which could be enough for you to enjoy it very much. Perk is that you don't need a preamp. 
Dartzeel 108 amp driving Wilson Watt/Puppy 8
I heard Avalon Indra's drived with REF 110 in 13x16 room and they were underpowered. As much as we would like to think that "small" powered amplifiers with good sound can provide enough power for 3 or 4 driver speakers we are wrong! I heard Indra'... 
Favorite Speakers at RMAF
I heard Curve's and they wasn't half bad;) You had very expensive player which added to the experince.I liked Indra and little white speakers in Kubala-Sosna room. 
How make my Ayre system "warmer"?
To cut long story short, try Kubala-Sosna Emotion powercords, and when your budget allows it add IC's na SC.You will not lose any resolution and balance will lean more to the bass. 
Kubala-Sosna power cords?
I use them on Spectral DMA 250, DMC 30ss and on Metronome Tech T2i sig cdp and they are phenomenal.