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Why does my headphone set up sound better ?
The Philips CD80 has a very good headphone output section. That, coupled with its now-classic 1541A DAC chipset, may account for the superior sound compared to your more complex hookup. 
Verity Audio Lohengrin II - Impressions.
Hi John,I was also at this event. Sitting second row center, I thought the sound was quite good for a hotel room setup, but not exceptional. The good points were general smoothness, lack of grain, and especially macrodynamics. The areas that were ... 
LP for fathers day ideas please............
There is a Marcel DuPre Organ Recital available on a Speakers Corner reissue of the Mercury Living Presence vinyl that should impress your father in both music and sonics. 
Accidental improvement in performance...cheap
Finally, another use for my collection of blow-up dolls! Way to go, Chad. 
which would you replace first?
The Ortofon Jubilee cartridge retails for around $2k in the U.S., but if you can swing a deal through one of your dealer friends...then I don't see how a $1,500 phono stage can match this level of improvement. 
Bedini 801 or Audire Forte amps
If you compare any Bedini to your other amps, be sure to take into account that the Bedini inverts absolute polarity. This is because it's output stage uses NPN-only devices in a noncomplementary configuration (Plinius does the same). To compensat... 
All about the bass
Because you have a small/medium sized room, I would recommend spending only $3k on speakers and budgeting $2k on room treatment (Realtraps or GIK), as bass performance is often dominated by room acoustics in a small room. Maybe not the answer you ... 
Use of RCA Y Splitters?
I just went through a negative experience with the Y-splitters when I added a powered subwoofer to my system. I first tried a Monster Cable Y-splitter and heard, to my surprise, significant losses of depth and fine transient information. Same prob... 
Best place to demo small room setup in LA/SD metro
I'd recommend Gene Rubin Audio in Ventura for a taste of the British sound. Small room systems are what the Brits do best. 
The dumbest thing you ever did to your stereo?
AMP OFF before preamp off, ALWAYS! 
recommendations - exquiste chamber music on lp
The Kuijken's recordings on the Accent label are very good performances and recordings. 
wireless routers bad for sound?
I guess my link got trashed by the Asylum's infamous Taco Bell mechanism. Anyway, search the General Asylum for a thread titled "Ayre & AC". 
wireless routers bad for sound?
Chad, here's a link to Hansen's statement at Audio Asylum:http://www.audioasylum.com/audio/general/messages/472122.html. If you follow the thread, note that you also better unplug your newer "soft-switch" computer from your AC when you're doing cr... 
Generic Record Cleaning Solutions
Audiofeil, soap (saponified fat) may be an anionic surfactant by definition, but there are a lot of nonionic detergents: beta-octylglucopyranoside, Triton, Nonidet, etc. 
Parasound JC-1s Not Working
You must shut down your amps FIRST, before the preamp and sources. This order is mandatory, especially with tube preamps. Otherwise you risk sending DC into the amps and damaging them and/or your speakers.