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Which artists' music do you buy without audition
I will second Richard Thomopson. I would also like to add James McMurphy and Steave Earle. 
Help me pick out music for a party
Play any type of blues music. Everyone in our age category loves some good Chicago electric blues. Collections from Alligator & Blind Pig as a start. 
When to replace cartridge or stylus?
I have the same cartridge and you can definetly tell when it will start going bad. They say a cartridge has about a 2 yr life span but that would depend on the tracking weight used. Not that I know anything about setting up a turntable. Benz has a... 
Are interconnect cables worth $15,000?
These kind of 'products' give high end a bad name. 
When do you return new vinyl?
You cannot complain about the sound quality. One should be familiar with the sound one gets out of a particular label. If all else being equal, warps, skips, high amount of backround noise (unless record is from 78 RPM) you keep the album. 
Jeff Healey Rest In Peace
Well that Really Sucks. It is a shame to lose such a gifted musician. Saw him once in NYC wish it was many more times. Loved him in Roadhouse, now thats one bar I would frequent often.... RIP. 
Reel 2 Reel
Jsman, Whatever machine you go with make sure that it is still servicable. My Pioneer 1020L needed a new solaniod switch so I found a authorized Pioneer dealer and he told me about a repair shop that fixes vintage R2Rs and overhauls them. Remember... 
Help with audio racks
You would have to stop being so CHEAP and get the Mapleshade 
How Do You Organize Your Music?
CDs & 4-Track alphabetically, records partly by label 
Pink Floyd best CDs soundwise
Best Floyd CD -Delicate Sound of Thunder. 
good sounding cd's
Dire Straits- On every StreetAlice in Chains- Unplugged. We did this already. 
What's the next upgrade step??
What does your table sit on? A deadicated stand, sand or shot fillable may be what you are looking for in your present system. Good Luck 
Reel 2 Reel
I use the Pioneer 1020L which has switchable heads from 4 to two track and the two speeds 3.75 & 7.5 IPS respectfully. Let me take this opportunity to tell you that nothing sounds better than factory prerecorded tapes especially if they are th... 
Name a couple of HOLY GRAIL LPs
How about Joe Wilder on 'Wilder, Wilder, Wilder, on the Savoy label. Hi Fidelity is still the way to hear realism. As far as stereo gos my favorite is Roy Gaines 'I Got the T-Bone Walker Blues'. Check out I'm in an awful mood. I still think that s... 
"The Death of High Fidelity"
So in other words nothing beats an old yellow & black Prestige pressing from the late 50s' Long play, Deep Groove, High Fidelity, and don't forget Unbreakable. So go listen to your iPods, itunes, or i whatever, just have a good ear cleaning fi...