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Best Multi channel amp under $2,000 used or new
Parasound 2205 any version is a great great amp for the money and easily competes with others that are way more expensive. This amp has a very nice sound, great bass with plenty of power when its needed. In my opinion its a classic and one to hold... 
Help getting a Tube Amp
Mcfarland, Are you still looking for a tube amp to drive your Monitor Audio Studio 6's? I have an 845 amp and would like to tell you about it. Steve 
Best amp for Monitor Audio Studio 6
Slaw, I've heard these amps with a good tube amps mono blocks and the sound was incredible. VEry open and real 
Monitor Audio Studio 20SE vs. GR20 or GR60
No Sony the magic is not gone. You just don't have the right equipment or the proper set up. I've had many many speakers in the past and to me the Studio Series is still a wonderful speaker. I've used them in audio and video and there just great g... 
Best value in 5 chan. power amp under $3,000
I would go with Entrope on the Parasound 2205A or At. This amp is very good for the money. Sounds great and has alot of power thats hard to beat for the price 
Comp of Cary cinema 5 amp vs Parasound HCA 2205
I have a Parasound and like it alot. I have not heard the Cary which is quite good I would believe. I bought the Parasound for the difference in price also. I would think they would be very close in terms of sound. Hope this helps!!!! 
Cary SLP-30 vs Cary SLP-50 vs AES AE-3 Preamp???
I have a Cary SLP-50B. Its not easy to find one, but I can't imagine any of the others mentioned could beat it out. ITs very very good!!!!!! 
The Best Amplifier Ever ?
Cary Anniversary 805's with 6SL7 input tubes. I've owned two pairs of 805C's with 6SN7's and 6SL7's. I own a pair of Anniversary 805's with the 6SL'7s and have owned a pair of Anniversary with the 6SN'7. The Anniversarys normally come with the 6SN... 
Review: Revel Ultima Salon Speaker
Mike, I too have heard these speakers at Tom Hoffman store and Tom is a set up "MASTER" and knows his stuff. You can't go wrong with these speakers the studios and you want go wrong dealing with Tom. He's one of the very best dealers around anywhe... 
B&W 802 N or Magnepan 3.6 ?
I have a pair of Maggie 3.6R's and would never even consider changing to something else. This speaker is absolutely incredable in there presentation of music. No cone speaker that I know of can play non fatiguing music like these. I've owned lots ... 
Monitor Audio Gold Reference 20: Enough Bass?
I've had Monitor Audio Studio 20's Piano Rosewood and used a Monitor Audio FB-212 sub and the bass and the blend is something really special. Get yourself a sub and you'll have all the bass you want. This also has a tendency to open up the midrang... 
B&W Matrix vs Nautulis
Rocky, Most people believe that newer must mean better. Not always because some products are made cheaper and manufactures cut corners to make more profit "$$$$". I've listend to the Nautilus line extensively and fill the Matrix speakers some how ... 
Review: Magnepan 3.6R Speaker
Dbdeeb, I agree with your complete assement of the 3.6R's. This is truly a great speaker in every aspect of sound there is. I will never sell mine because every time I listen to this great classic speaker, I just think there $4500 but they should ... 
B&W 801 2or 3
Thanks eveyone for answering my email question. I didn't really mean to smash the quality of the Natilus series of speakers. I just think that when a company is asking $8000 plus for the 802 Natilus and above then I would like a little nicer finis... 
The most beautiful Integrated Tube amp?
The most beautiful intergrated tube amp and the winner hands down is the Cary 845 SEI. It single ended sound with killer looks to boot. I had one a while back and its a conversation piece if there ever was one!! Regards, Steve