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Bands where U say
Phoebe Snow, I understand why she sidelined herself, and enjoy what we got. 
What should I upgrade
Might try sliding a DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core as your pre/dac. 
High eff. Musical warm bookshelves for a 45 amp?
Airtight Bonsais 
Is audio a kind of spiritual journey?
Do you start with OOOOHHHHMMMM?_______________________________Nope, amperes... current ta stay in the moment 
Tokyo vinyl and audio suggestions
I spend some time in Japan and have found google to be helpful. Maybe look for an audiophile club?Use your Google FooTo get you started:http://www.twee.net/countries/japan_shops.htmlhttp://www.tokyoreporter.com/2010/10/10/on-the-record-japans-last... 
HasCD sound exceeded expectations since 1983?
Loudness War has been detrimental to CD. 
Speaker placement in small living kitchen
JBL MSC1 room mode control or similar product could help. 
Need Blues Rec--burn the house down guitar stuff
Well it has been a while since I used the musicovery site.... sorry it looks they took a great idea and ruined it. 
Need Blues Rec--burn the house down guitar stuff
Here are a couple URLs to check out too.All Musichttp://www.allmusic.com/explore/genre/blues-d41Musicovery: I liked their old format better, but type in Johnny Winter and wander off from there.http://musicovery.com/index.php?ct=us 
WAF Help Please
Expandable Braided Wire Sleeving will flex over the end connectors then get skinny again. 
What I learned on Audiogon This Year
***that people are funny***audiophiles are people***that people are funny 
Full-range/horn loaded on a budget?
If you were looking at the Omen...Then maybe the Lore, Katz, or Uruz? 
Speakers on carpet or bare floor?
;>)Helps if you proof read your response too.trow = throw 
Speakers on carpet or bare floor?
Using Markup tagsA couple of ] [, a / here an there, then trow in a url or two an Bob's your uncle, I'm bumpin' sixty myownself. 
FM Antenna question