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Have you moved away from full range to standmount speakers + subs?
Nope! Went the other way: large Advent to GoldenEar Triton Reference. Wouldn't go back, even to stacked Advents. 
When did you most enjoy the music?
When did I most enjoy the music? The last time I listened. 
How many vinyl albums do you own you listen to?
How many? I really do not know. They used to be in every room of the house except the bathrooms until my sweetie built me a 1000 sq. ft. “music room” for them, my equipment, the piano, and the HT (I am an INCREDIBLY lucky man). My sweetie says sh... 
6.5 vs 8 vs 10 woofer
6.5 vs 8 vs 10 woofer ? . . . uh, mine aren't round. 
SoundSmith cartridges how good?
I have the Zephyr MIMC Star (first version) on a VPI Scout running thru Soundsmith MCP2 MK II preamp and it beats MCs and MMs I have owned (all in the same price range). I have probably 2000 hours so far and it's still going strong. Great performa... 
Building a house
Lots of good suggestions here. I incorporated many/most of them when I built a 38x28 addition on the end of our home. Concrete floor with extra foundation against earthquakes (it IS California!). Double offset stud walls using 2x6s, soundproofing,... 
If your were to assemble a vintage system ?
The one I have playing in my shop (too dusty, no vinyl):Dynaco ST-70PAT-5FM-5Large AdventsIf I did vinyl, it would be the AR-XA that’s currently in its box in the shop. 
Speaker Upgrade Recommendation for Current Analog System - under $10,000 Budget
We have similar systems: VPI Scout/JMS 9 and EL34 tube amp (Primaluna), but I have Soundsmith MIMC star and MCP2 mk2. Room is 28x19x9. I listen to mostly jazz and classical, especially chamber music. I went with the GoldenEar Triton Reference afte... 
Thinking of trying "vintage" sound just for fun
I have a Fischer TA-500 mono receiver in really good condition with original tubes that (even tho' it has a MPX adaptor outlet) I am thinking of setting up as the center of an all mono system, maybe with one of the SoundSmith mono cartridges and a... 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Steve Tibbetts' autonomous album (BZZ-77) on Frammis Records distributed by Obscure Music Productions (that ought to qualify it!). "Jungle Rhythm" sounds interesting backwards... 
What are all these metal cans/pods sitting on top of electronics?
@mitch2 I'm very proud of how tightly they're packed. 
What are all these metal cans/pods sitting on top of electronics?
I use a small cylindrical vial of Higgs bosons on top of my equipment for mass loading. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Jutta Hipp with Zoot Sims, BN 1530 
Why is there no love for Prima Luna?
My PrimaLuna Prolog Premium loves my Goldenear Triton Reference speakers and I love them both. Does this make us a ménage à trois? 
Does Power Cord Require Burn-In To Sound Good?
Many years ago, I was taking a medicine law class. The professor, a bombastic lawyer, would spring unanticipated questions on the unprepared class. One morning he directed this question to me: "What is your impression of the legal term res ipsa lo...