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Heard the Wisdom Audio LS4?
Even though I am a dealer for the Wisdom's - I can tell you - there is really no comparison with cone and dome speakers. The Wisdom line sources are so much faster, and do not have a passive crossover, so the resolving power and dynamics are reall... 
Are audiophile speakers turn on for single women?
the answer is simple - NO 
Magico V2 vs. Q1
why not go to an electrostic, like the martin logan summit. Electrostic resolution (still superior to any cone and dome speaker), no crossover till your down to the 300 hz region, and adjustable bass controls for room tuning with extension to the ... 
Where would you go after Wilson WP7?
find a GOOD dealer to help you. The advice on this forum is all over the board - you'll never figure out what is good advice and what is nonsense 
Speakers that copied the Wilson Watt Puppy look
I'm sure anyone that spoke to Bud at any length at all knew of his tendency to always remind you that "he was a Harvard Man". A true character - in the good sense. Bud would roll over in his grave if he could see the reviews certain speakers with... 
Stillpoints Ultra and Wilson Sophia II
i have used stillpoints on sophia 3's - a really big improvement. there is no more aluminum - only stainless. 
Can anyone recommend a transmission line subwoofer
Wisdom audio makes 3 different regenerative transmission line subowoofers. The scs sub - is $4000 and has its own internal amplifer and is truly fantastic sounding. You are on the right path - T lines are about the only thing quick enough to mate ... 
Any bad experience with wilson audio sasha w/p?
I think peterayer is correct, there will be a glut of used sahsa's showing up shortly.Although I am biased, you may want to check out the rockports if you're going to drop that kind of coin. 
Min room size for Wilson Audio Sophia or WP8
no advantage either way - they'll both be fine. 
Wilson Audio sophia 3 or Watt Puppy 6
watt/puppy 6 is a very old design with very old drivers. sophia 3 will eat it alive - not even close 
Rockport Avior?
Well, I must say, I think ( no actually, I know) Leyenda has this one completely wrong. A few months ago I went to Rockport and spent an afternoon and heard the entire line, back to back, in the same room, the same room location, with the same ele... 
Magico Q7 . . . wow
If you want to spend that kind of money on speakers, it would be crazy not to really look at it and learn about the Rockport Arrakis. It is an incredibly well engineered, complete loudspeaker. No black magic - just really solid engineering and des... 
Rockport Aquila vs Altair
the altair uses the scanspeak berrylium as does the all new avior- which is $29,500 and is acutally a more resolved speaker than the aquilla due to newer design and all new custom made drivers. 
Magico Q7 . . . wow
prdprez has a really good point - one look at the magico and you can tell very litlle attention has been paid to diffraction effects. Actually, if you look at yg, wilson and magico, there is not much attention paid to diffraction on any one of the... 
Paradigm S8 vs. Sonus Faber Cremona M
the revels do not use a berryllium tweeter