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High quality recordings any genre
The 50th Anniversary hi-res remaster of The Rolling Stones "Beggars Banquet" is a standout.  Almost anything by Steely Dan will be terrific with Aja & Gaucho being especially well mastered.  Steven Wilson remasters of Yes & Jethro Tull are... 
Cary SLI-80HS modifications
@txp1 I do have a big listening room that is kind to extra watts when desired.  I should point out that the SLI-100 also has the upgrades and the difference is subtle.  I could drive speakers of varying efficiency with plenty of volume.  I do not ... 
Cary SLI-80HS modifications
I have an SLI-80 Signature model with all the upgrades and it sounds excellent.  They are all worthwhile, but the hexfreds are definitely priority 1.  I also have an SLI-100 which has a similar character, but sounds a little better and packs some ... 
Can you give me your speaker suggestions?
I switched from the original Heresy model to Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G and I have been very happy.  One of my listening buddies who complained about lack of bass on the Heresy is now very happy.  Bass is tight and very present, but not overwhelm... 
Favourite Guitarists
So many guitarists I love have been mentioned across genres, but for those that like jazz, no list is complete without Peter Bernstein.  
My first tube integrated: which one to get?
I have an SLI-100 and have been very happy.  I do have a large room, but I can't imagine that amp not playing as well as possible given the room acoustics.  I have driven 3 different sets of speakers with them and they were great with all of them.... 
Car songs
Steve Miller Band - Take The Money & Run  
Considering Towers in the $3000 range
Thanks @will3.  I am not familiar with that track, but have listened to some Abdullah Ibrahim.  I plan to check it out later today.  
Considering Towers in the $3000 range
I appreciate all the great suggestions and have enjoyed researching each one of them.  The Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G's arrived today and I was able to get them set up for a listening session with my buddy tonight.  I have 60 days to decide wheth... 
Considering Towers in the $3000 range
I guess I'll find out if the midrange is recessed, but it is not the impression I get from reading reviews.  The Stereophile guy surely loved and said "The Monitor Audio Silver 500 embodies a spirit of purity, which I'm inclined to believe is prim... 
Considering Towers in the $3000 range
@moonwatcher The speakers would be on the shorter wall and I am about 12' back in my listening position.  I have been pretty happy with the room acoustics.  
Considering Towers in the $3000 range
Timely post @will3.  I am going to audition the Monitor Audio 500 7G's.  My gut has leaned that way.  For what it's worth, I think the the Sonus Faber Lumina V would be next if the Monitor Audio 500 7G's are not to my liking.  
Considering Towers in the $3000 range
@moonwatcher The room is 22 x 12 x 9.  For what it's worth, my speakers in my secondary system have a sensitivity rating of 87 dB and I recently brought them to main listening room and the amp can drive it with plenty of volume to spare.  
Considering Towers in the $3000 range
Yes, the the truth is how it sounds to me.  Research, reviews and this forum is just a starting place to start with an audition that I perceive has the best chance of being a keeper.  Of course, nothing can beat an in home audition to see how it w... 
Can someone help me pick out my first speakers?
If you can find the Pioneer SP-FS52's which are Audio Andrew Jones Designed Floor Standing Loudspeakers, they are the best sounding speakers I have heard at this budget.  I bought a pair to use in a secondary system and recently hooked them up to ...