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Suggestions for next cartridge...
I'm running a Lyra Delos and it simply sounds great on my system 
Best phono stage for Lyra Etna SL cartridge?
Very nice cart. Not the same league but I have a Lyra Delos running off of a EAR Yoshino 834 MM/MC and I'm pleased. From memory I believe the impedance is about the same between the two carts 
Upgrade thoughts and reccomendations
Thanks for the responses. Since posting this I've been "rearranging" furniture and positioning of speakers. Noticeable differences. I think I'll focus on this for now. Looking for a an area rug for hardwood floors 
Upgrade thoughts and reccomendations
Ozzy maybe yes more efficient might workHilde I like the Hawks. They often surprise me 
Upgrade thoughts and reccomendations
Yes power conditioning is something I should do. 
Upgrade thoughts and reccomendations
1. $50002. 14' x 28'3. jazz, classical, occasional rock4. used5. thinking stand mount but open to another set of floorstanders 
The Miller Carbon Story
Very beautiful piece of gear. Did you experiment with different loading of the platter? Were you also working on AC boats? 
Need a DAC Recommendation.
After much research, I think I'm about to pull the trigger on a Musical Paradise DAC. 
Fire and smoke damage
I'd be on the phone with insurance to have it all replaced. Sorry for your misfortune and hope it all comes together for you. Reminds me I have to call my insurance to make sure my gear is covered 
Best DAC / Budget
Great recommendations everyone and  thanks. 
Best DAC / Budget
Let's say budget is plus minus $2KThanks for all the comments so far.I hadn't considered a tube dac so the comments surprised me.Thank something to definitely consider.I am looking at all the recommendations and appreciate them 
Best DAC / Budget
sorry - modi dac 
And here's a friendly warning about PayPalI have been double billed by Netflix for a year. I contacted Netflix and they refused to acknowledge this - saying I had two subscriptions. Who has two subscriptions to Netflix? Pay Pal denied my claim. 
Best bourbon?
I was living in Lexington in the late 1980's. That was the first I drank bourbon and still do to this day. Bourbons came alive back then with great marketing and some excellent distillers. There are now a few NY bourbon makers and it just isn't th... 
Jazz listening: Is it about the music? Or is it about the sound?
I too also am listening to a lot of jazz.  The thing about a jazz trio or quartet is that there is a lot of space between the players...and the music. the sound is in the space. And that space is much different then an orchestra or rock and roll b...