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Sonus Faber Question
mazian - I also have the SF Sonetto V's. What does your system consist of. I feel like I'm lacking something and have considered upgrading to another SF   
B&W 805 D4: which 5 channel power amp should I go with (home theater): Parasound or Rotel
I have the ATI 4005 amp and it is great for HT. You can contact Ralph at Interactive Home system. He is knowledgeable and will spend time discussing what is best for your system.  
Recommendations for 7 channel amp
ATI 4007 is a great 7 channel amp.  
Ideon DAC's
@macdude - what streamer are you using?     
Ideon DAC's
So I'm still searching high and low for a DAC/Streamer. The drawback is I cannot preview since no one sells them by me. The options I'm still looking at are as follows: Hopefully someone can point me in the proper direction.. Ideon Ayazi Meras... 
Ideon DAC's
Audioman58 - to answer your question regarding Ideon - they do not have a combo Dac streamer.  
Ideon DAC's
@ baylinor - I noticed that you have the Gustard X26 pro - what streamer do you have with it? How does that compare to the Ideon Ayazi or Ion + preamp?   
Ideon DAC's
@ Audiotroy  - I'll contact you later part of the week - Thanks.  
Ideon DAC's
@gregm - sounds like the ION + preamp is the way too go according to your post. I appreciate the information. Where did you purchase it from? Thanks.  
Best amplifier with Sonus Faber Sonetto V
Iradder - thanks for the information. I'll try to check out a local dealer if available.  
Do speaker cables really make a difference ?
Since you're on the topic of speaker cables, does anyone have any knowledge or experience with Kubala Sosna cables? Thanks.  
Has Anyone Compared the DAC On a Bluesound NODE 3rd Gen to a Separate DAC?
Do you have to purchase the Pontus II online or any available domestically? Thanks  
Thoughts on Lumin D2
bwguy - thanks for the information. Just noticed I said steamer versus streamer 😀    
Help - Need recommendation for my Sonus Faber Sonetto V!!
eugene81 - Thanks for the information regarding the Boulder 866 and the Luxman 509X. What made you decide to go from the Boulder to the Luxman? I inquired if this would be an over kill and you stated "maybe". Any other options you would search out... 
Help - Need recommendation for my Sonus Faber Sonetto V!!
12many - I will check out the HIFI Rose streamer/Dac - thanks.