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Maggie owners -- Mye or Magna Riser stands
Magna risers do not brace the sides of the Magnepan 1.7i.  Vander Mye stands do. Sound Anchors also makes after market stands for Magnepan.  
Amp on eBay shipped from Japan?
Look into  It is related to Yahoo Japan.  I've had good luck buying items from Japan this way, with buyer protection.  
Which amp to use with Linear Tube Audio pre?
I own an LTA MZ3, and use it as a preamp. My previous system had Magnepan 1.7i.  The amp was Sanders Magtech.  I don't think it will subtract from your LTA.  
Replaced all my Living Room Outlets
Erik - thanks for the blog post.  I did not know about drywall spacer plates.  
China built tube amps
What is the size of your room, and what speakers do you plan to use with the tube amp?  
Oppo BDP-105D just for CDs?
n80 - if you want to apply mods to your Oppo 105D, it can sound better. I own both an Oppo 105, and an Oppo 205 which have been modified by Ric Schultz at EVS.  tweak1 mentioned power supply upgrade.  That is what Ric does for the Oppo, and it m... 
Playing CDs sounds better than Qobuz — dammit
soix - if your budget is $1500, that will buy a nice stack of used (or new) CDs. I really like CDs, and I still have not upgraded to streaming.  My CD collection includes material from MFSL, DCC, JVC XRCD, Telarc, FIM, etc.  And of course you can... 
Do you use a preamp in your HT system to improve sound?
emergingsoul, I may have had a similar path as you. I've used a solid state preamp in my HT chain (EMM Labs Switchman). A friend suggested I try tubes, so I swapped with a Don Allen tube preamp I had lying around.  I liked the change in sound. ... 
Recording with bass to align my subs with my speakers
Dialing in bass is not easy for me.  I know when the bass is wrong, because it irritates my ear, and my listening sessions become short (less than half an hour!) Scott LaFaro's bass playing on Bill Evans' Sunday at the Village Vanguard is one of ... 
Beautiful listening rooms
snilf - great link!  I looked at some of those systems, and they are definitely beautiful.  
Advice needed on power cables, wall warts, conditioning, electrical outlet
bogbeat, Can you describe the rest of your audio system?  If you have a very complicated setup, it may not be easy to hear differences in power cord, outlet, or power conditioner changes.  Another way to test for good/bad AC power is with a high... 
Solid state amp recommendations for Maggies?
I was searching for 'Sander's and stumbled on this thread. I own Magnepan 1.7i.  I don't own LRS, and I bet that they can benefit from $$$ upstream, too. Amps I've used with the 1.7i - Pass Labs Aleph 30s, Crown K2, Integra Research RDA7, EVS 12... 
Been saving up for a big purchase. What to upgrade next?
I own Magnepan 1.7i (and I love them.)  I've driven them with a class D amp, class A monoblocks, and a high-current class AB amp.  In my room, more current gives me more bass.I do not use my two powered subwoofers for regular listening anymore. 
Oppo UDP-20x MediaControl not in Android app store
Anwar - did you get help from Oppo?I was able to find the Oppo UDP-20x Media Control.  But I had to install the Amazon App Store, then get the Oppo app from Amazon, not Google Play!  (complicated) 
Trading Magnepan 1.7 to Martin Logan Impression 11A worth it?
I own 1.7i.  There are still some WAF things you can try.1) Different amp.  Your Brystons are pretty darn good.  I switched from Pass Labs to Magtech, and that improved my sound.2) Speaker cables.  Keep the existing amp, the speaker cables could c...