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Aurender and MSB DAC Synergy
Has anyone tried the same thing with DCS DACs ?   
Need recommendations on 15ft speaker cables
@kirk9 absolutely agreed. Cables matter and I have seen it..  
Need recommendations on 15ft speaker cables
@mitch2 I am expecting that with a better cable I will get more tonal density, perhaps openness and sound staging. With B&W I am planning just copper since I have heard silver can increase harshness. Ultimate goal is to get warmer yet detailed... 
Need recommendations on 15ft speaker cables
I got them from Amazon. I see it is 65 strands totalling 10 awg.   
Need recommendations on 15ft speaker cables
@ghdprentice thanks for the note. I see transparent reference cables available in market. I was told that they could be custom tunes for past owner's gear.. do you know if that is the case or it should not matter  
Need recommendations on 15ft speaker cables
I am currently using blue jean Rca cables which are all copper 10awg I believe. I have 805d4 speakers. My budget is up to 2.5k.   
Lumin Hifi Rose or Aurender
I have used Lumin U2, DMP A8, Bluesound, Cambridge CXN v2 streamers. I have found incredible value in a used Aurender N20. Specially if you upgrade the power cables like Hurricanes, high end streamers really shine. Also, conductor app is pretty go... 
Mola Mola Tambaqui Roon vs Separate Streamers
@blisshifi I changed the stock cables to AQ hurricanes and added a power conditioner. Also, changed from RCA to a really nice XLR intercomnects. That has definitely helped with the harshness. I am getting more fuller and bolder sound with all the ... 
Aurender N20 upsampling with tambaqui
I was using AES connection. But now I have changed the power cables and things are much better. I have been using NOS. Will try upsampling. Found both these units very sensitive to power cables and conditioner   
Mola Mola Tambaqui Roon vs Separate Streamers
Has anyone encountered slightly brighter sound from Tambaqui, specially on rock music.. I recently upgraded from Holo audio May to Tambaqui DAC feeding into Luxman 509z and BW805D4 speakers+Rels.  I didn't face this with Holo May DAC which was m... 
Power cable architecture from start
HC = high current.  I see 20 amp being mentioned on some cables. I am looking at audiomart for used cables. I guess it means that they are thicker gauge and can carry higher current. But I am not sure if they are better than 15 amp regular cords.... 
electronic music
Boris brezca is amazing DJ with amazing electronic tracks with twists  
Best DAC’S $5k to $15k
For r2r DAC - Holo May kte For fpga - I have found Tambaqui to be better than Dave.   
step-down transformer
YES, I HAVE USED IT for the Japanese imported Luxman. AJD-1400 I think.   
Comparing Aurender N20 vs eversolo dmp A8
@jimmy2615 yes that's the ultimate plan. Waiting on my cable, I thought will give USB a try. I was hoping to at least have a matched or better performance. In some cases N20 is better like soundstage and vocals. But it was not blowing away DMP whi...