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Sonus Faber Extrema vs. Guarneri
Wow, there's 100% agreement that the Extremas are 'superior' to the Guarneri. That's impressive when I realize they're about 15 years old. I don't see Extremas available for purchase frequently. 1)Any guesstimate as to used price per pair of Extre... 
McIntosh C100, Ayre K1 or Mark Levinson 380/380S?
Marantz does not currently have the "high prestige/great performance" reputation that it earned in the past. However, with design & oversight by Ken Ishiwata, they have created a gem in their top-of-the-line preamp. Before you invest big bucks... 
does anyone know how to contact mitch singerman
I haven't called in a while, but I have a phone:(310) 823-5145 
To Plug Power Amps Direct in to Wall or Not ??
Of course we want to protect our investment, yet not degrade our sound.Brickwall PW2RAUD is highly recommended. I'm in no way affiliated. Check 'em out:http://brickwall.thomasnet.com/item/audio-surge-protectors/two-outlet-high-current-audio-surge-... 
mbl amp stands--
Audio Points makes an well built stand. I have my Edge NL10 firmly sitting on the SP-101. Here's additional info.http://www.audiopoints.com/SinglePlatforms.HTML 
Linn Classik All-in-one box solutions
The Linn has pre-out. Great feature! Down the road, you can piece-meal a higher quality separates system. You can plug in an outboard amplifier, bypassing the Linn amp, while maintaining all the other Linn pre-amp, tuner & CD functions. It's a... 
Sonus faber Cremona Auditor and Jeff Rowland??
What speakers did you have before? I have listened to the SF Auditors. Bass boom is not typical.Room placement may be an issue. Have you tried to move them further away from walls? Also, make sure that they are not the identical distance from the ... 
Help with a preamp upgrade
Eben- If you "really like the sound" of what you have, why upgrade? You sound happy & satisfied, an envious state. Save your money. Buy music instead. That's what it's all about- music, not hardware. 
Mini monitors?
Engaging sound & stunning visually . They do like power though. Seldom available used. Website has reviews & info: http://www.focusaudio.ca/index1.htm 
Where do you find new music?
Music is what it's all about- you're raising an importat question. I believe that there's wonderful payoffs to researching & uncovering great music. It's worth the time.I check music threads at audiogon, audioasylum.com, audiocircle.com & ... 
Should I chrome my tuner?
Of course. Sounds like a gorgeous stack. Please yourself. I wouldn't worry about resale. After all, others would probably find it "breathtaking" as well. 
Rating Sytem for Used CD's
I'm not awawre of any numbering system. Usually the seller assures the buyer that the CD plays completely, even if there are scuff marks or minor scratches. Also, let buyers know if there is any missing artwork, booklets or if there's any problem ... 
Jolida JD100A Reliability
I've owned the JD-100 for well over a year. I have never had a problem playing a CD or CDR. I've also spoken with two well respected audio repair people. Both individuals spoke highly about the design, parts quality & build of the Jolida. You ... 
Is B stock a safe bet?
B-stock is checked completely. Sadly, all gear coming off production lines are not checked completely. Having been in the business in the past, I assure you that the best values and most carefully checked products are B-stock and refurbished gear.