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Connection Question
Solution found . The Douk Audio USB converter arrived yesterday , and was connected between my Chromebook and NAD integrated amps digital input . It has been playing Amazon HD music for the last several hours without a glitch . I didn't have to do... 
Connection Question
Douk Audio USB to digital audio converter . $ 56 on Amazon . Seems to be a possible solution .  
Connection Question
Sorry I double posted . Yes with a cable . I was specific in the details , and might have a solution . Thanks .  
Connection Question
I 'm going to try to get more info on this converter . It's on Amazon for $ 56 . Thanks for the link .  
Connection Question
I have a NAD C328 integrated that has 2 digital and 2 optical inputs . I don't know anything about details .  
James Brown
I'm  really looking to buy 1 of probably a dozen or more of the GreatestHits collections that are available . 
Best rock bass player
Gerry McAvoy , from Rory Gallagher's band , and the late John Kahn . 
Great Organists in Rock
Gregg Rolie , of early Santana and Journey . 
Internet Radio
Thanks,keep the ideas coming.I've been in a rut lately,and need to hear some new material.Money is tight and I thinkthe mini-plug to rca's would be a good low cost way to wet my feet. 
Budget DVD Player Recommendation
Loomisjohnson,could you let me know where you saw the Denons for under $200? 
Name three of yours the most favourite drummers
John Bonham,Ginger Baker,Ian Paice. 
Cream at Madison Square Garden
I picked up the Royal Albert Hall DVD on Tuesday,and I'vewatched it 3 times.It is one of the best filmed and recordedconcert DVD's that I have seen.The performance's are verygood,and Eric's vocals are as good as they get.I also agree that his best... 
Roy Buchanan Recommendations??
I have been a Roy Buchanan fan for 30 years,and got to see him several times.Unfortunatly most of his recordings arefairly uneven as far as I'm concerned."Deluxe Edition" is an excellent sampler of some great material,I'd also recommend "Live in J... 
Passive Pre's--Placette RVC or Luminous Axiom
I can't comment on the Placette,but I did use an Axiom with the Caddock resistors for about 6 months.In my mid-fi setup(Rotel amp& cdp)and with the music that I listen to,Bluesand Classic rock,the Axiom preformed extremely well.At $150its a st... 
You've gotta check this guy out
Got mine about 2 weeks ago,and have listened to it at leasta dozen times.I'd say it's the best blues recording I'veheard in quite a while.