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Esoteric Question - is the new Grandioso K1x that much better than the Esoteric K-01xd ?
I was in somewhat similar boat. I have k-01xd and was thinking to upgrade to k1x. But I am going to see how it sounds with esoteric g-02x clock which as arrived.   
I was using ideon 3R mastertime when I had antipodes CX/S30 as streamer. This was amazing add to my system. They created better imaging and focus. Also added more body and increased soundstage. Very hard to explain the benefits but I definitely mi... 
Aurender N20 Music Server Comments and Observations
I recently got aurender n20 and currently feeding esoteric k-01xd via usb. Have fiber optic > sotm > English electric 8s > ENO acoustic to aurender n20. I can say without doubt n20 is amazing in all aspects. Before this I had antipodes CX... 
New silversmith fidelium cable
Performance of speaker cables are all system dependent. When someone compares 27K cables to 800 dollars SC and don't like SS, it is OK. We have to be mature enough to move past and be happy with our results, rather than pushing it to others. If th... 
Townshend Maximum Supertweeters
It is in top of my speaker. I got 2 mtr cable (barely enough) to connect them.  
Townshend Maximum Supertweeters
I have supertweeters with my MA PL500II. Amazing addition overall. They add a sense of air around, more of 3D like effect. Also noted improved bass (don't know how can I expect this, but definitely saw this) with deeper and wider soundstage. Need ... 
Passive bi-amp question
Understood, as I said, the two amps which I stated will have same gain of 29 db. So, I will go with it.  
Passive bi-amp question
Sounds good. Thanks for those technical inputs. I am assuming, even if the companies mention 29 db gain, they may vary at best few decimal of decibels. I am OK with that. Just one question though. It may be silly. Does it matter even if the amp ha... 
Passive bi-amp question
@erik_squires let’s say if it is few decibels apart, how much of the impact will this have. In other words, if they are apart, how will the sound quality be affected. Will it be like one amp sounds more than other one ? Or will it affect the coher... 
Passive bi-amp question
@yogiboy and @Georgehifi. Thanks for those suggestions. I would rather not do that, unless that is the only option. But, in the meanwhile, I will dig deep into this.  
Passive bi-amp question
Ok. The gain of my current amp is 29 db, input sensitivity is 1.4 volts RMS, impedance is 7.5 kohm, damping factor (at 8 ohm) >1000, power output 250 watts at 8 ohms.I am considering Luxman M-900u, which also has gain of 29 db, input sensitivit... 
Passive bi-amp question
@tweak1 I discussed with monitor audio and they advised against active cross over and I am not into it either. They did mention that the best results, will be with passive biamp.  
SW1X dacs
I have heard rave reviews of these DACs and am also the one who wants to credit for good product, no matter how small the company is. I have asked for demo and DAC II special will be coming to me in few days to week, for home trial. I am looking f... 
Uptone Audio EtherREGEN review
I leave it on always. Yes they sound great. I have Uptone JS-2 LPS in 12V.  
Possible Silver IC's to accompany my Skogrand Marrkarian 421 sp cables?
I know it is a old thread, but just thought of giving my 2 cents on the f1 fractals. They are one wonderful ICs. I have tried Wywires diamond, Shunyata Alpha, TQ black diamond, AQ earth and Shunyata anaconda ztron. Everyone of above their strength...