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Internet radio stations that sound really good
I just noticed Mountain Chill out of Colorado, shows 96k on my Wyred 4 Sound dac playing through my squeezebox touch. 
What speakers work best with electronic music?
I second the Zu's and Tekton. I had the Zu Superfly's and now the Tekton Enzo's. The Zu's are a little better for electronic, but the Enzo's have better base. 
Beck / Morning Phases
I bought the HD tracks version, I can't stop listening to it. Not a weak track on it. It is a lot like Sea Change so if you didn't like that CD you probably won't care for this. 
Totem forest And Mass loading
I use to own the Forest and the Model 1 and although I'm a tube guy now, the Totems really come to life with lots of ss power. I use to run them with a Aragon 8008 amp with great results. I agree with Elsaudio about the sand & lead shot. Be ca... 
Anyone listen to Zu Audio's Definition Mk3?
Correction,the pics would be on the Decware General Discussion & Support page. 
Anyone listen to Zu Audio's Definition Mk3?
Some of you folks might want to check out Ingress Audio isolation roller blocks. I installed them on my Superfly's and they made a big improvement.There are some pics on the Decware members system pics. 
Zu Soul Superfly
Welcome back Gopher! I checked out your system over at AC, lookin real nice! Always liked the gloss black finish. I might have to look into those nanotech drivers myself as I'm still amazed with the sound of my Superflys. Hard to imagine they coul... 
Amplifier for Totem Forest
I had them paired with a Aragon 8008 & they were amazing. They do need power. 
Zu Soul Superfly
Gopher, what size gliders did u use? I might try these. 
Von Schweikert VR-33
Wow! sorry to see our Superfly leader move on. But I'm happy for u Gopher, glad to see u enjoying ur music again. That's part of the fun with this hobby of ours. 
Zu Soul Superfly
Thanks Gopher, really appreciate ur advice. 
Zu Soul Superfly
I agree with both Gopher & Morganc, placement can be tough. I moved my furniture around a bit for a different look for the Christmas tree and all and things sounded better! Nice surprise. Gopher,I read about u using some Wywire cables in place... 
Zu Soul Superfly
So whats going on with all the Superfly people? I'm running mine with a Cayin A55t tube integrated, Peachtree idecco, Sqeezebox Touch, Cambridge Audio 640c CD & a Rel t3 sub. Everything sounds great. Sometimes a little bright if i go loud. Thi... 
Zu Soul Superfly
Egrass21, I have a Cayin A55t on the way. My first tube amp. I'll let u know how it sounds with my Superflys. 
Zu Soul Superfly
Welcome to the club Troy! Definitely keep us posted. U won't be disappointed. Sold my Totems last week, they served me well & I enjoyed them for years, but these Superflys are definitely a step up. Looking for a tube amp to work with my idecco...