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Best and Worst customer service?
Best I've experienced was by Vlad B of Audio Mirror. Never had a bad experience, although once while inquiring about service I needed on one of my pieces I spoke with a  connection to well known and respected repair guy and was told my gear was n... 
Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!
Yes! Pure Audio Project Trio15 Horn1 for me. I love 'em. I've stopped looking elsewhere.  
Your best ''outstanding'' products in last 5 yrs?
Whammerdyne 2A3 stereo amplifier NewOntech DAC 07 (from Mike Powell, Veratsarr)  
Burn in vs perception
IME I've found burn-in to be a real thing, specifically with some ICs and tubes. Cannot say for sure about speakers because I've only owned two pair, one demo and one used. So, both already had hours on them by the time I acquired.  
If I love Elvin jones I'll love.....?
Elvin was a force unto himself, quite contrary to the modest and humble man he was in life. But you should also listen to Art Blakey, who played with a raw, primal feel as well. Blakey was incredible. +1 I had the same thought. Both had the abi... 
How Has Your Finely Tuned Audiophile Dexterity Helped You in Your "Other" Life?
@waytoomuchstuff ... I found that singing loudly helped the situation. Ha! Hadn’t thought of trying that. But if I start singing, then EVERYONE will leave! 🤣  
How Has Your Finely Tuned Audiophile Dexterity Helped You in Your "Other" Life?
If anything, it has hampered my "other" life. At least the part that still involves music. Whether at a bar, theatre, stadium, or outside venue for amplified live or recorded music, it nearly always sounds like such crap compared to a decent stere... 
Question: What are some of your best pieces of advise to someone new to the hobby?
NewOnTech Dac07 - Any Users Out There?
I've not been able to compare to any other standalone DACs. Just previous CD player.  
NewOnTech Dac07 - Any Users Out There?
Bottom line: it delivered more detail, the sound was more open, and ultimately very musically satisfying.   
NewOnTech Dac07 - Any Users Out There?
I have the NewOnTech DAC07, fed by a Simon Audio CD5 used as transport, connected via a Silnote Morpheus Reference Classic II Series II digital S/PDIF cable as my one and only input source. I cannot compare with other DACs, other than saying I had... 
Can you live with your current speaker until you die?
Yes, without a doubt. Love my PAP Trio15 Horn1's.  
Best set-up under $20K
I absolutely love having large, sensitive speakers. Check out Pure Audio Project speakers (mine are Trio15 Horn1, 96 dB), driven by a terrific 2A3 tube amp from Whammerdyne. Also a tube preamp, octal-pin based. And the crossover is easily tweaked ... 
Do CD Transports benefit much from upgraded power cords?
First off, thank you for the compliments. I've worked long and hard to cobble together a system which provides such happiness and joy. As for my post, I was hoping consensus would have been that it wasn't necessary to replace the stock PC on the C... 
What Horn loaded speaker/ speaker system for $10k'ish and under
Check out the Pure Audio Project models with the horn. I've got the Trio15 Horn1 and they are superb! Highly sensitive and easy to drive (I drive mine with a 4.3-watt 2A3 tube stereo amp, Whammaerdyne). Glorious music makers.