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Why do almost all women today hate home audio?
In the 50's and I was a kid, a friend of the family had a mono setup with JBL speakers and McIntosh tubes. I was blown away by the sound. Then the stereophonic LP came along and our friend went to a stereo set up. I was more blown away. These two ... 
Why do almost all women today hate home audio?
@larsman thanks for the suggestion; a very interesting and educational to me answer to my question here:  
Why do almost all women today hate home audio?
Could it be today's popular music turns women off? Back when I was in high school it was Beatles, Stones, etc. we all listened to the radio in our cars and had songs we all liked both sexes pretty much equally. Having said that I only knew guys l... 
active crossover recommendation
Professional audio sources have them like Sweetwater You tube has videos on them too like one from maufacturer Behringer  I don't know how they sound in an "audiophile" system but maybe worth a try.  
Topping P50 power supply, + Zen Streamer + Topping E50 DAC
My only goal with this post is to show this combination worked for me. I can’t comment on if the P50 made a sonic difference with the Zen Streamer since I have used the P50 with it since I received the Zen.   
Topping P50 power supply, + Zen Streamer + Topping E50 DAC
Speakers are Fyne 500 SP each powered by a Schitt Aegir running in mono fed by a Schitt Freya+ connected to Aegirs with balanced cables I made myself from Belden microphone cable and Neutrik connectors. Each amp is connected with a 3 foot run of M... 
What are your top 3 favorite female singers?
Eva Cassidy, Katie Melua, Melody Gardot  
I have found out why new cables and tweaks actually work!
I find that only Swiffer extensions manufactured before August of 2021 work for me, Later manufacture produces a harsh mid range bump that is painful but will disappear once the dust settles again. These extensions are harder to find, but worth th... 
Crimping tool?
Called Powerpole in Amazon referral above  
Crimping tool?
This one for AMP connectors pictured above but note of two options you want this one  
What Is Most Important?
One other thing I think is important is to realize not all "audiophiles" have the same goals for their sonic hobby and one should define what they want out of the hobby for themselves and realize not all will agree with that.  If you have a frien... 
What Is Most Important?
A good recording and a good room for sound.   
What is the best 2 channel listening chair?
I have both the Eames and Bertoia Lounges. Bertoia below best by far.   
Installing dedicated 10 gauge lines
FWIW, I just had a 60 amp 240 V circuit installed for my Tesla Level 2 charging station which required a run of copper that alone cost $380 for materials and the wiring came to less than $2K. So you may want to look at electricians that specializ... 
Western Electric surveying market for (domestic?) mfg. of other tube types?
WE form filled out. Thanks for the post