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I understand (I think) why the capacitance should be as low as possible for a moving coil cartridge plugged directly into an active gain stage. The OP said he has his cartridge plugged into a step up transformer and the SUT into the MM input on hi... 
Review: Pass Labs XA60.5 Monoblocks Amplifier
Hello Stephen, You took the plunge. Congratulations! 
Clearaudio Aurum Beta S
Well, hooked everything up last night, made some adjustments, and it sounded great - much better than I expected. So I guess the cartridge is ok. 
Clearaudio Aurum Beta S
Thanks for the good advice. I called a local ClearAudio dealer and he told me exactly the same thing. He added that there could be lots of mistracking nearer the inner grooves of a record.I have an appointment Saturday morning to get him to look a... 
Speaker cable recommendation for Harbeth
Thanks everybody. 
disco demolition night
ESPN ran this story on Sports Center last night - so much damage to the field the White Sox had to forfeit the game! 
Is Plinius 9200 bright sounding?
Thanks everyone. Seems the consensus is not bright, but neutral and very transparent to the source. 
Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor old v new
Thanks.I am somewhat discouraged by my inability to get any info from Sumiko; 3 emails, 2 voicemails, no response. 
Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor old v new
I emailed Sumiko yesterday to find out who has a pair of Auditor Ms on display. Have not heard back yet.This has been a very intresting discussion - clearly divided into two camps - those who prefer the warmth and lushness of the original model an... 
Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor old v new
I thought the Auditors sounded quite a bit richer tonally – quite a bit warmer as well – than my Martin Logan Vantages, with better lateral imaging. Not as deep front to back though. They did not have the same scale as the Vantages nor did they go... 
Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor old v new
Holy moly. Great responses; thanks everyone. I had forgotten about the Analog Room. He used to allow home trials, which would be the ideal situation. I listened to the original Auditors at Magnolia and was told by the salesman that the only differ... 
Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor old v new
Exactly. I've read all of those reviews, and they are all positive. Still, I'd like to hear from someone who put down his hard earned money. I am more inclined to trust the unvarnished opinions I read here. 
Improve your hearing?
Machina Dynamica Magic Gall Bladder Flushers? Sorry, I just could not help myself. 
Pass Labs xa - .5 amps
Well the XA-30.5 is here and it sounds wonderful - powerful, punchy, and very transparent. It's been running for about 5 hours now and I've noticed marked improvement just in that period of time - thin and bright when I first plugged it in, but th... 
Pass Labs xa - .5 amps
Thanks for your responses. I ordered an XA-30.5 - can't wait for it to arrive. My dealer has a 6-month full credit trade in policy just to tempt me to upgrade to the XA-60.5.