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Which DACs are known to be sweet/rich/relaxed?
Try an Aesthetix Pandora Eclipse DAC if you can.  
"World's Best Cables" vs Audioquest interconnects
They should burn them in for you.  
Has anyone tried the Deulund-Mundorf Ultra Speaker Purifiers?
Has anyone tried the Synergistic Research XOT Carbon?  
Sonnet Audio Morpheus
That explains the lack of US based reviews. Maybe later this year?  
Sonnet Audio Morpheus
Just wondering if anyone has listened to the Pasithea yet. Have they hit our shores?  
Demo Aesthetix Romulus
I’ve owned a Romulus Eclipse for a number of years now and I’m still searching for something that can better it but YMMV I should have purchased the stand alone DAC because I usually use an external CD Transport (yes I still spin CDs). I have al... 
Holo May KTE vs Meitner MA3
Calling China a communist country is laughable. They are "communists" when it suits them but in reality they are one of the most capitalist countries in the world, raw unbridled capitalism. Unfortunately the economic systems they choose are overs... 
Demo Aesthetix Romulus
Eclipse? BTW: Judicious tube rolling might be something to consider.  
The sound quality from DACs - is it all the same?
Yup, bits are bits! What of it?  
Amir and Blind Testing
Here's an interesting quote from Kevin Scott, Living Voice speaker designer. "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted, counts."  
Jays cdt2mk3
I would have the Jay's checked out to make sure it's OK.  
Sonnet Audio Morpheus
Srajan recently added a final line to his Pasithea review stating that he bought the review sample for his system. Another Pasithea review has gone up on: alpha-audio.net  
Sonnet Audio Morpheus
Srajan has an uncanny ability to "beat around the bush". I can't tell if the Pasithea article is a rave review or a lukewarm one. The Morpheus review was much clearer to me.  
Sonnet Audio Morpheus
A review of the Sonnet Pasithea has been completed on Six Moons. If you read the review and feel that you understand its conclusions please summarize it for us as many of these reviews seem extremely cryptic. Maybe it's just me but I find some Si... 
Puritan PSM 156
Yes there is a separate grounding device available. Goes between PSM156 and copper grounding rod. I plan on buying one this Spring. Not pricey. Getting a copper rod into the ground in Minnesota right now would be a challenge.😊