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iTunes 11.1 questions
Well, I AM BLIND. Found where you were referring too and found the "slide bar" for adjusting album cover size.I am really disappointed, however, that I cannot adjust the size of the artwork on the "Album" option. Frankly, I regret upgrading but am... 
Electric Bill
I started a similar thread last year and it degraded into political slugfest. Let's hope it doesn't happen again here! 
Using autotransformers
The AVS looks interesting. I can contact them for more info but do you know, of hand, if the AVS would handle the load for 2 Krell Monos or would you have to buy an AVS for each amp? 
Using autotransformers
I do not live in the USA. I now live in Mexico. 
Using autotransformers
I have read (and re-read) all of your posts - Thank you! Yes, Al, you were right. I was considering an autotransformer as defined in Wikpedia. The idea was not mine but someone who works on all forms of electronics. Now I am wondering if looking f... 
Using autotransformers
When I referred to voltage irregularities I was talking about constant variances in the incoming voltage. Often as high as 130-135 Volts and on other occasions it would drop to below 110. Already I have spent big bucks on the repair of a Krell FPB... 
How much AC is too much.
I have the same problem, voltage shooting up to 130 on occasion. To correct it I purchased an APC battery back-up unit. You can set the voltage parameters so that if the incoming voltage exceeds the limits (up or down) it will sound an alarm and g... 
Why is my Krell fading out?
Marakanetz: Thank you for your input. A friend with considerably more experience than I have is coming over with his tester.I will share your words with him and see where it leads.Again, thank you! 
iMac no longer reading/playing CDs
Sfar/Mingles - Thank you for those comments - I will definitely check out the links. I do have my music backed up on two external HDs and could not agree more that redundant backup is a requirement. 
Pure Music 1.88a
I just did download it myself - Not sure I hear any difference but will know more after my new DAC arrives tomorrow. Thanks for the tip. 
iMac no longer reading/playing CDs
S7horton - that seems pretty reasonable to me but it scares me to think of what might happen to my music files (iTunes artwork, etc.) if the repair guy screws something up. I am perfectly capable of screwing things up on my own without outside hel... 
iMac no longer reading/playing CDs
Thanks for the replies - Mingles, no it is long out of the warranty period (2008). From the comments from Tan43 and Lowrider57 it seems that my best is to forget the idea of repairs and just get the disc drive. 
Lab top or table top
Do you mean LAP top? What's wrong with your I-Mac? Mine has been going strong for 4 years. It has a nice screen and with the upgraded memory, handles a lot of stuff. What other equipment do you use for playback? 
iTunes dropping album artwork
Thanks Kijanki - Like you, I have some albums where only track no. 1 has the artwork so now I know how to remedy that. All of my artwork is showing now since spending hours re-populating the artwork from the internet. It looks like all the ones th... 
iTunes dropping album artwork
Zd542 I responded to your suggestion with a "Thank you I will try that" but I did not see my post in the thread - so, Thank you, I will try that! (again).