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Blue tooth receiver recommendations
I have a Lumin D2 streamer with Dac and an Audio Note dac 3 with Aries streamer. So I guess I’m really just looking for connectivity so I can use the Siri app off my phone  
McIntosh early C20 brass bar faceplate restoration
Thanks very much for the reply. I figured out how to get everything apart tonight so went at it.  It turned out quite stunning if I do say so my self. Paul      
Best Vintage tube amp / preamp manufacturer
Why are Western Electric so expensive?  Is it primarily collectibility or sound?      
Best Vintage tube amp / preamp manufacturer
Thanks for the responses. I currently have in my collection the following Macintosh C 20 McIntosh C 22,   MX 110 Z restored  MC30’s restored MC 225 restored MC 240. Restored Fisher 202 T. Restored Fisher X 100 Restored I run them with Tan... 
Meridian enthusiasts please help.
Update. I purchased this fabulous system. The dealer upgraded the 808.2 to an 808.2i. Meaning it now has the analogue card and software installed. sounds as good as anything I have ever had with a superior bottom end. Happy about the purchase a... 
At what price is one considered an Audiophile.
I think it is more of a mindset than a dollar value.   Or, If you amp has only a selector and volume control you must be an audiophile. 😁  
Lumin U2 mini vs Mac laptop sound test
I will say this about direct comparisons. I find during A/B gear testing gear can sound very much the same. It’s when you listen over a period of time and I don’t mean a few hours I mean days or weeks or months. That is when you hear small sounds ... 
In search of quality mc Phono stage
I haven’t got through all the information in replies yet, but I will add this. My C 22 is an original C 22. I used to have a Audio AN S2 L step up transformer but I got so tired with grounding issues with the vintage gear that I just sold it And d... 
In search of quality mc Phono stage
Thank you for the responses. So the concessions seems to be stay with Tube. By the way my Mac gear is a set of Rebuilt MC 30’s and a C22 pre amp. I will raise my budget. I might look at  AN and ANK Phono stages as well. The local shop is very fami... 
(Hegel vs Luxman) vs PS Audio
Here’s a suggestion that will probably get laughed at, but dies actually work. I have quite a lot of gear, high end and low end. If I find myself getting somewhat bored with a certain configuration, I’ll put in one of my Marantz or SANSUI receiver... 
HELP!!!! Newbie looking for a decent 2 channel power amp in the $1,000 range
4th on the Bryston. Get a 3bst 150 wpc or a 4b 250 wpc and enough high quality current to drive any speakers at any load you require all day long.    you may also want to consider the LK amps from Linn. High power quality for sure.   
Speakers that are good with tubes
There is a Boutique company out there called Audio Note. I heard they make some pretty good speakers that perform well with Tube equipment.   
Meridian dSP7200 questions
I have since discovered that the 808.2 can be upgraded to an 808i.2 version. The difference between the two versions is the inclusion of an analogue board to allow different sources. In fact, all 808 after and including 808i.2 had the additional a... 
Meridian enthusiasts please help.
Also I don't believe my DSP 7200 have the SE upgrade.   
Meridian enthusiasts please help.
Thank you for the response. I've done a little more research and found out that my 808.2 can be upgraded to accept the analog card. This seems like a good option for me to do. Would you agree? By doing this I should be able to plug any source In w...