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Best HIFI Stores LA/Orange
Upscale audio, I actually drive from Vegas area to Upscale, excellent staff and if Kevin is their when you visit all the better. ✌️🎶  
Berkeley Audio Design and MQA?
If you do not enjoy MQA then do not pay the extra fee that Tidal charges for its recordings, pretty simple, why diss Berkeley just because they are giving the customers that DO want MQA options, you can still buy the same DAC by them and still ben... 
Do I Need a Dedicated Streamer?
I myself have been going back n forth about a dedicated streamer also, but to be honest I have tried the Bluesound, Cambridge,iFi top of the line, but I stick to my dedicated laptop running Tidal, Qobuz through Audirvāna through Wadia DAC and Have... 
Budget preamp recommendation...besides Schiit.
Dont hate on it but Emotiva XSP-1 Gen 2, excellent fully differential balanced 2 channel pre-amp, read the reviews, if you can find one, it seriously replaced my Krell KAV 250p, and no it is not a home theatre preamp, the soundstage actually blew ... 
New upper trim level Corvette or seven year old used amps?
Stick with the amps, although I do enjoy all my cars , there is nothing like a properly Sounding piece of music to brig a tear to your eyes, and Ive owned 8 Corvettes in my short 56 yrs of life, it is a different type of music if you will.Besides,... 
Go Active Crossover or Upgrade existing XOs?
Well from somebody that has always had speakers with passive crossovers, I recently have been introduced to the world of active crossover enables Line Array speakers , and I cant be more happy with the performance, soundstage and overall simply fl... 
Eh hem!...Subwoofers... What do ya know?
Correction 28 tweeters , mis type 
Eh hem!...Subwoofers... What do ya know?
REL, REL , REL, oh did I mention REL, and the post that started this thread is correct, you must first understand what bass really is, how it is distributed, and how to properly integrate it i to (your system).Every system dynamics are different d... 
Hey K.....tt, Do you even have speakers??
i just fell into the best pair of speakers I will ever need,silly question , can I post pics here without a link , just so I can post a pic of my new system so the so called pro's can rip it apart lolthnks 
30 Amplifiers Totaling $428,740.00 In Search of Audio Nirvana
Best Way for my TT to reach my Pre-Amp!?
Which to Upgrade first? My Amplifier or Speakers?
A pair of REL top notch subs will upgrade your low end and also your midrange/soundstageand especially with the Maggies, plus you will have some cash left over, object here is to allow the maggies you love sound that much better!!!! 
Klipsch speaker choices
RF-83, only Reference Klipsch Ive seen with 3 8" woofers , that are beasts, 250-1000 W are the power requirements , so power is a must!!!