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XLR to RCA conversion
Jesse at Pine tree makes a balanced to unbalanced converter. It is an amazing piece. I use it between my Lumin D2 and amplifier.   
Lumin P1 or Pre / Streamer / DAC separates?
Curious if the P1 is still delivering over there. I run a D2 direct to my amp and the P1 is on my short list.   
Preamp Gain issues with high efficiency speakers
This is a battle you just aren't going to win with your current gear.. The bandaids mentioned above will help but it doesn't sound like that's a route you want to go.    I went down this road with la scalas, kt88 push pull amp, and Doge preamp. ... 
Nearfield listening - once more
Near field open baffle in my small 12x11 room is amazing! Full range 15" drivers and the music never feels overbearing until I really crank it up. Normal listening levels though are like being at a live show at times!  
Denafrips Pontus 12th Anniversary
So what won out Border Patrol or Pontus ii 12th?   
Hattor Audio preamps?
Talking with Arek he suggested the AMRG to me. His words were they were more musical. This was in response to wanting more "body or warmth" in the setup.   
Hattor Audio preamps?
@mitch2 Sounds like you have 1 too many on your hands.....just saying :)     
Hattor users - thoughts on Tube active stage?
also, I just realized you are on another post and responded to me already 🤦‍♂️      
Hattor users - thoughts on Tube active stage?
Wish you had gotten some responses to your post.  Care to share your thoughts on your Hattor w/ the AMRG resistors? I am looking at possibly buying a Khozmo with them and Haven't been able to decide for sure.     
DIY Hifi Django Mini TVC Pre
@tommylion Are you still using the Django?   
Hattor Audio preamps?
I appreciate the replies! My current situation: I have a new 3 stage 300b amp from Radu Tarta. It is amazing! The catch is that it doesn't need my Radu 26 DHT preamp infront of it. So I'm looking at going the passive route. I currently have a Lu... 
Hattor Audio preamps?
Hate that this thread died....    @ozzy62 are you still using the "big" preamp?   
New Class D amplifiers
Digital Amplifier Company made some great class D gear. It's a shame Tommy isn't around any longer. I loved the Cherry amps I had. I haven't seen anyone mention D-Sonic and I am curious why. I like the D-sonic amps I have heard with a Tube stage i... 
Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing
There is a pair of them on Audiomart right now. Someone talk me off the ledge before I make that purchase!!  
Am I Better Off With Limited Low Frequency Speaker In A Small Room?
Omega CAMs and an SVS SB2000 pro sub in my 12 x11.5 room with absorption behind the speakers. Couldn't be happier with the sound. There is an obvious hump in the 40hz range but really it works well with the Omegas. Small square rooms suck but with...