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How good is Aesthetix audio?
It wasn't available at the time, and I returned it for other reasons, unfortunately.   
Streamer software, what do you use?
Euphony Stylus   
Streamer Selection - Thoughts Requested Please!
Euphony Stylus, either as a standalone OS, or Summus 4C/2C server/endpoint.  
How good is Aesthetix audio?
Well, having replaced the tubes with nothing too fancy, and just on initial listening without them having burned in, we've gone from the worst my speakers have sounded to the best they've ever sounded. At least everybody wasn't lying - this is qu... 
How good is Aesthetix audio?
I just got myself a used Mimas with the optional DAC and phono modules this weekend (replacing a W4S 10th DAC & a Black Ice F360 preamp), and I've either screwed up royally, or there's something I need to tweak.  But, my speakers (Acoustic En... 
The Snob Appeal Premium
Audiophile snobs are those who list their entire system (with prices) whenever the opportunity presents itself in a thread.   
So you just took a gummie...What song is on the menu?
This is the only way to enjoy being an audiophile. Cannabis is a cheat code to fun critical listening.  
Can I Trust The Music Room's Product Description?
I've bought and sold via TMR, and they're stand up folks. However, their descriptions can sometimes be slightly off. But, find me a dealer, journalist or audiophile on the planet who would have full product knowledge on the range of gear they sell... 
Why 432hz Tuning?
As appealing as tuning into the frequency of the universe is, the '432 Hz is bollocks' argument is infinitely more persuasive.  
Music Server Advice
Trial the Euphony Stylus software. Then, once you hear it's in a class of its own, buy a Summus from Euphony or a ridiculously cheap used Pink Faun. Or, repurpose your NUC, get another, and run Stylus and its endpoint in a dual pc set-up.  
What is the VERY BEST CD album you've ever heard?
Mezzanine - Massive Attack  
Tell us you don't understand what bitperfect is without telling us you don't know what bitperfect is.  
Does brand aftercare for used gear make sense?
You're missing my point.  I'm referring to the age old rule in marketing about it being much easier to sell to an existing customer.  In both these instances the brands wouldn't be in my future consideration set - and the products are very good.  
I feel bad for Generation X and The Millennial's
Top trolling. Proof, if ever it were needed, that look-back bore Boomer audiophiles know nothing about music.  The Beatles only became interesting once they retired and became a studio band. But do tell us how Help! is better in mono.