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Streamer+R2R dac+True balanced Class A preamp all-in-one?
the right way is called separates my setup : Lumin U2 - R2R DAC Rockna Wavedream XLR - dual mono passive preamp Big Hattor - amp Simaudio Moon W8  
Lumin U2 vs Aurender N200
I'm currently using a Lumin U2 (not mini) + Rockna Wavedream XLR Signature DAC and I'm very, very happy. The Lumin U2 replaced my DIY audioPC for about $3500.  
New DACs High End Munich 2023
Coincidentally, I also bought a Lumin U2 a few days ago, I’m running it with a Rockna Wavedream XLR DAC, a Big Hattor passive preamp and a SimAudio Moon W8 power amplifier, and I don’t regret the purchase (before that I had a DIY audioPC costing a... 
Innuos Pulsar - Some Interesting Info for Innuos Owners
The wait for the Pulsar is already really long, I decided to try it in my Lumin U2 system, if it works, it will stay like that and it won't be the turn of the Pulsar.  
New DACs High End Munich 2023
when changing the DAC, I recommend focusing on R2R  
Lumin Streamers
You are describing the state of your system, I am not sure how good the USB interface of your Denafrips Venus II DAC is... In any case, I'm glad you found a solution that suits you  
patricia barber - diana krall - holly cole
try to listen Anna Maria Jopek  
Advice? Less than $4k, solid state preamp, neutral to gentle
Hattor Big dual mono, AMRG trans + active stage NewClassD my preamp forever 2400 USD    
I've been selling heavier gear for lighter gear
The total weight of my stereo setup is about 450 kg (1000 lbs). I just dragged it to a room on the 3rd floor without an elevator with my friends once, I don't need to run around with it any further, and I don't need to change it at all because of ... 
Preamps can color sound considerably. Surprising?
while looking for a preamplifier that doesn't color the sound, I ended up with a passive solution - Big Hattor dual mono  
Where to invest the most in the "digital chain"?
As always ... the system will play as its weakest component "plays", so everything should be in balance - DAC, streamer, power supply, treated ethernet, etc.  
A preamp recommendation
try Simaudio Moon 740P  
Opportunity to buy Demo Magico M2?
just a technical note on the "burning" of speakers - it's not just the speakers themselves, but also the components of the crossovers. I built the speakers myself with relatively uncompromising crossoverss, including Jantzen WAX coil huge reels, t... 
Hattor Audio preamps?
back side  
Hattor Audio preamps?