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power amp ideas for less than $3000
thanks to all for the feedback   
power amp ideas for less than $3000
Soix, i recently added front wide speakers so i will use existing Rotel amps for this new channel. This opens a vacancy for my front mains , i enjoy the system but have felt for a while that my main speakers are being underserved by the Rotel 159... 
Your favourite Rush albums?
For Rush fans, and those who have a surround system,  2112 blu ray audio Hi-Res is a great disc. Additional animation plays along with the songs and sound quality is great. Fun listen in 5.1 or greater 
Do any of your Rolling Stones recordings bring "Satisfaction"?
"Hot Stampers "  really ? $700 for a common pressing that these guys think is the best sounding?   
What are you streaming tonight?
YES, Fragile, Peter Gabriel So -  via Qobuz / Roon Oppo 203.  Just killed my Tidal acct and went with Qobuz due to MQA limitation of Oppo 203. Happy with it so far. Similar content available between both so far.  
CD no more produced?
I am using my Oppo 203 for both CD playback and as a DAC for Qobuz via Roon. To my ears I cant tell the difference, if streaming file is same resolution as CD at a minimum, should there be a difference with same DAC in play ?  I have been happy wi... 
Most Recent ROON Upgrade Quite Nice
@douglas_schroeder  -  I agree 100% , it has come a log way and will continue to get better.  Catalog depth, sound quality, new music exploration, and convenience is combination that is hard to beat.  
Do I have to use a streamer/renderer to play music from an NAS?
I have a Synology NAS that I stream from using my OPPP 203, capability built in. Made it a lot easier to try this sort of thing. Now i have progressed to Roon, which can use my library or Tidal, and the Oppo is recognized as a output device by Roon.  
Whats playing on your system today?
Love UFO , I must have seen them 15 times. Strangers in the night is one of the best live albums out there of that era. Great guitar work. Although I still cant get used to the remaster not opening with "Natural thing".  
Sound Quality of red book CDs vs.streaming
For my ears,  Roon / Tidal via my Oppo 203 is same or better than my red book cd's. I have not touched a red book cd in over a year after getting this set up going unless its something really rare. The ability to quickly explore artists and new mu... 
MidFi multi channel solution needed for HT.
I have B&W  based 11 channel system with Anthem AVM60 and Rotel RMB1095. 803D's for the mains. Very happy with the system for the money  
What are you streaming tonight?
Foo Fighters  - Echoes silence patience & grace  
So I'm looking to rebuild the home theater system
In that range I would at least look at the Anthem.  I recently purchased the AVM60 and am thrilled with it. Built in ability to stream, room correction, etc. I have a 7.1.4 set up. Never thought I would add the additional channels for ATMOS but am... 
YOUTUBE and Vinyl are gonna bankrupt me!
 I second  rbstehno,  Roon with Tidal is a great way to explore with links to Bio's, other albums by same artist, similar artists, different performances of same song , etc. It can become a rabbit hole as you suggest, but a very functional one whe... 
Upgrade from Classe SSP 800 processor
I am probably a step down in budget from where you are, running Oppo 203, B&W 803D main and matching surround system, 4 in-ceiling B&W for ATMOS , 2 B&W SCM-S   for surrounds,  Rotel amplification, switched from Rotel pre amp/processor...