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New Beatle's Remasters
24/96 , does that mean they will be released in SACD or DVD-A? 
best rock voices
Heart= Ann Wilson 
Cable Madness
I tried the Cable Company several times. After several attempts of different cables ,I recieved the following message from the Cable Company.It seems that we have supplied you cables to try in which has brought you to no decision. We suggest that ... 
Electraglide Ultra Kahn / Shunyata Anaconda vx
Michael,It was kind of you to let people try your power cord out. I was undecided between the Shunyata Pyhon VX and your Source cord. Your Source cord had a relaxed sound to it , but maybe too relaxed , but the Python had other +/-'s too. But hone... 
Electraglide Ultra Kahn / Shunyata Anaconda vx
I also like on my Digital the Ultra Khan Statement ll better than the Andaconna VX and the Michael Wolf Source cord . With the UK the sounds stage is huge and has great bass, midrange and treble qualities .The Andaconna made the bass sound weird c... 
AC/DC remasters....
Just bought many of them to replace my other ones that were supposadly recorded from the original masters by a different guy.I think they sound better, but really not by that much.Wait for the SCAD if you already have the first re-masters. 
Music you would like to turn someone on to.
Bottle Rockets - "24 Hours a day" 
Do I need separate Hydra's for amp vs. source
I use a Hydra 8 for my Digital and a Hydra 2 for my analog.Both are in seperate dedicated circuits. Bid improvement overall. 
Importance of Power Conditioner?
I have a Meridian 508.24 and I have it plugged into a Hydra 8. The Hydra 8 is plugged into a dedicated outlet for my digital only. Anlog and Power Amp are on seperate dedicated circuits.Each step improved the sound.In my opinion, start with dedica... 
Bottle Rockets- Great unknown Band- Still Exist???
Thanks, a lot for the info.I was not aware that they had a new CD, I will have to get it..The type of Music they play is simple, staight forward and full of catchy lyrics,and hooks.Your right about the wrong time for them.Still, there is a whole g... 
Bottle Rockets- Great unknown Band- Still Exist???
Waltersales,Is the group the same personel as in "24 hours a Day"Great CD. 
Which of these power cords is best?
I have tried the Wolf cords on my Meridian 508.24. It was good but not too great in the Dyanmic's or slam factor (or however it is described.) Music seemed relaxed , but too relaxed. For the same money you can get a Electraglide Ultra Khan ll Stat... 
New "Faces" Box Set
I bought it . Many of the songs (most) sound great with quality bass. Some of the old radio stuff is ruff , but not many of those.4 CD's with 70+ Minutes on each! I did'nt know they recorded so much. I am enjoying it. 
Biwired Speakers - silver for high, copper for low
I also owm a dual run of Poimia Speaker cables from my Krell KSA-250 to Legacy Focus Speakers. Contracy to what ridge street cables claims I have found that they need lots of break in time for the bass to develop. I know they claim they sound good... 
Creedence Clearwater Revival SACDs
Vedric,Now that you mention it , it does seem strange. I specificaly concentrated on the Bayou Country SACD/Gold CD and the Gold. The Gold has more higher frequency detail. I am using a Denon 5900 .