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Denafrips -Bashing Denafrips New 12th anniversary models
Denafrips agreed to fix the DAC. Soon as the thing lands back here it goes for sale.  
Denafrips -Bashing Denafrips New 12th anniversary models
Same thing here, scratchy and popping sounds, I took the thing out as the CD player sounds better without the DAC. Denafrips is currently tap dancing, giving me the old runaround.  
VTL ST-80 EL 34 Feedback and experience
20+yrs with an ST-80, thing sounds fantastic. EL-34's sound just right.  
Clearaudio Turntables
The Tracer works so well with my Kiseki!  
McIntosh MT-2 turntable
kingharold said it.. The ClearAudio Performance DC table plus their Tracer tonearm running a Kiseki Purple Heart cartridge sounds pretty fantastic in my Manley Labs/VTL/Vandersteen system. This engineer's sensibility highly recommends the ClearA... 
Upgrade From Clearaudio Satisfy CF to Tracer?
My table is a Clearaudio Performance DC w/Tracer tonearm running a Kiseki Purple Heart, it all sounds pretty fantastic. The simplistic layout of the Tracer just makes sense to the engineer part of my brain. Highly recommended.   Cheers from Oreg... 
Vandersteen 2CE Signature II: Is it worth the price of $2700? Why are so many for sale?
Been running the Vandersteen 2 Ce Sig II for 5 years with a tube pre and power amp, they sound FANTASTIC in my 200 sq/ft room. Highly recommended for the "budget" audio enthusiast. Placement is important for proper bass response, plus, run 'em on ... 
VTL repair
Inner Sound in Portland Oregon.  
Oregon Audiophiles...
Hey kids, Coming around again; would there be any "audiophiles" here in southern Oregon? Still wishing to connect to fellow like-minded types. Stereo would be; Monster HTPS 2000 (?) power conditioner VTL poweramp and preamp Manley Chinook pho... 
VTL repair
This is surprising VTL will not support their older equipment. I really was hoping VTL could add biasing features to one of their older amps. There are a couple outfits here in Oregon catering to high end repair.   Thanks, guys.  
VTL repair
Thank you for the recommendation! I live in Medford, OR.   Cheers, Cody  
VTL repair
Thanks! :^)  
VTL repair
She encouraged me to email her with particulars of the problem. In the meantime I discovered Inner Sound, they are but 5hrs away in Portland.   Thanks for responding, Cody  
Manley Chinook Owners Tube Rolling
Have had my Chinook for 4 months and have no intention to roll tubes within this unit until a tube fails. Kevin is a vacuum tube guy, he knows his tubes, knows how to maximize the performance of the unit.Cheers.Kiseki>Clearaudio>Manley>VT... 
Oregon Audiophiles...
2021 and NO audio club activity in Southern Oregon? You folks are out there. We should work it out...oregon1911@hotmail.comThanks for looking,Cody