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I'm pretty excited about my new room i'm building
regoThis is where my brain is headed for the floor.https://directcolors.com/acid-stain/?product_code=DC-CAS&variant_id=23207&campaign=115124279...The walls are 2x6 contruction already in and insulated and drywalled .The ceiling is also dry... 
I'm pretty excited about my new room i'm building
milpaiI have the grounding very well done, overdone I also run a some stuff now it works great .The power I generate is imo far superior to standard pole electric ..As for treatment those panels are only 12" wide the larger one is a bass trap . my... 
I'm pretty excited about my new room i'm building
georgehificurious ? my system will be on the 16' wall any distance from rear wall is fine.i am in a tighter space now so I have full range treatment because I am 2.5 feet from side wall .This room I can easily be 3-4ft and the same from rear .If I... 
what are your cartridge set up go to
rauliruegasI am by no means cheap, but is this setup really worth $130.00 ,if it is  I will order . 
what are your cartridge set up go to
thanks for everyones input, my table is modest too most here ,a vpi classic with 10" jmw arm and van Den Hul colbri xgm 
I'm pretty excited about my new room i'm building
mike_in_ncI'm seriously considering treating the floors and do some type of paint on them and just using large throw rugs  
I'm pretty excited about my new room i'm building
I will thanks  
Where to start?
How old are you?
53yrs old, ridiculous amount of gear changes since I got my first Gerrard tt and radio shack receiver and 8 track at like 8yrs old.I have worked in music and audio most of my life. 
Dual subs and or speaker uograde
I have 4 in my home theatre huge change from one ,I have two in my dedicated audio room but am remodeling a stand alone 16'x24' building on my property just for dedicated audio .I will run four there when complete. As Erik stated the single bigges... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Steely Dan Aja,and Genesis Duke 
Looking for a new integrated amp
I have a mf nu vista , its quite nice actually ,but if I was spending 2k on power I would buy this integrated tonight thats for sale used here .(I do not know the owner and not trying to sway you into used ) but this is getting you into much deepe... 
Flat screen between speakers, again.
two thoughts , sound absorbing curtains that cover tv when not it use. or sound absorbing panels by I think ATS makes a clip that mounts to back of panel and the female part mounts to Wall and slides down into it . make a lightweight backer to pus... 
Amplifier warm up
Unless your amps are choked for air in a cabinet I've never been a fan lol .class A gets so hot its hard to even touch and I would leave on 24/7 . My hybrid tubes get hot!imho 
Amplifier warm up
ricevsI am totally off grid(closest power pole is 2miles away) ,I have solar ,generator backup and lithium4 batteries . I do power my hybrid down and it takes a solid hour min, to get my system to open up. I run class D in my video room that is al...